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Croatia's Mižerija "powerful and traditional"

06 May 2013 at 15:15 CEST

While talking with Marko, Ante, Nikša, Leon, Ivica and Bojan in the backstage, right before going to the stage, we didn’t notice any nervousness or jitters. “We are relaxed, not nervous at all”, Marko Škugor one of the singers says, adding that they all have a lot of experience on stage.

Despite the fact that they come from southern Europe, where it’s already quite warm at this time of the year, they are dealing with the bit lower temperature more than well. “There was not much time to explore the city yet. We went out once for a drink, but we are feeling good here”, was the answer we got from the guys from Klapa s mora. After the vocal warm ups it was time for a first rehearsal on stage.

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There won’t be any special effects during the performance in the Semi Final as Klapa s mora want viewers to be focussed on their song and their vocals. “Klapa singing is on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage and we are also going to wear traditional uniforms worn by Croatian knights”, one of the members of the group explained.

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During the performance of the song Mižerija the stage is colourful and the choreography in a tradition of klapa singing, modest but effective. About their vocal performance, there are just two words that need to be said “powerful and traditional".