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Croatia releases music video for Roko's 'The Dream'

11 April 2019 at 17:54 CEST
Croatia's Roko recording the music video for his Eurovision 2019 song 'The Dream' Stjepan Dolenec
Croatia surprises Europe by revealing the music video for ‘The Dream’. Roko will be the 10th to take to the stage on 16 May in Tel Aviv.

The official music video The Dream was shot at the end of March at the Zagreb municipal Komedija Theater, just a week after the Croatian version of one of the most famous rock operas in the world, Jesus Christ Superstar, premiered on its stage.

Roko: "We were shooting the video for about ten hours, almost all night, but the whole team was so full of enthusiasm and faith in this song and the video that we truly enjoyed ourselves." He adds: "I’m not here just to sing beautifully, but also to spread the message that I believe in and I want it to reach the hearts of millions of viewers!"

Roko’s manager Mihovil Bek explains why they picked this location for the music video: "During the first rehearsal of musical Jesus Christ Superstar, where Jacques plays a role of Herod, at Komedija, when the whole scene was set up, Jacques and I looked at each other at one point and simultaneously came to the conclusion that the stage set was perfect for the concept we had conceived together for Roko’s music video."

About The Dream

The Croatian song is about the eternal struggle between good and evil, where 19-year-old Roko represents the good. The delegation wants you to think about the kind of world that we are leaving to coming generations, and hopes to contribute to achieve to positive change with the message of the The Dream.

The Dream is a song dreaming a dream of love; a dream where the highly sensitive young artist Roko, as the narrator, represents the millennial generation. He is at the beginning of his life path, and faces the fact that life is not a fairytale, but a world that someone else is building and destroying for him and his generation. 

A story about the search for truth

In a search for the truth, Roko discovers elements that are in contrast to his previous ideas about the world. But although he is faced with the dark horrors of natural disasters, poverty and wars, he is not giving up on his dreams and ideals. Roko falls and then rise again like a hero, shouting at injustice and spreading a clear message of love through his song with the aim to change the world for the better.

Subtle hint about staging of The Dream

The Head of Delegation for Croatia's broadcaster HRT, Elizabeth Homsi, lifts the veil on Roko's performance in May: "In the mysterious end of the music vide [...] the great flash and lightness herald the conceptual [final] that will take place on the Eurovision stage! [...]"

What we also know about Croatia's staging is that world-renowned choreographer Leo Mujić is involved in shaping Roko's performance in Tel Aviv.

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