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Croatia: Beautiful harmonies in black

Posted 8 May 2009 at 13:14

The song opens in darkness, with Igor and Andrea surrounded by their four female backing vocalists. All of the performers are dressed in black, with the exception of Andrea who has a white dress. The stage is blue and has expanding flowers on the LED screens.A wind machine is used for effect during the performance, and the rehearsals went smoother than the first time around with Igor and Andrea harmonising very well together.
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In the press conference that followed the rehearsal, Igor was asked about the pressure of performing on stage. He said "I have my own techniques to get rid of stress, I meditate, imagine nice pictures in my head. An event like this can be stressful but these kind of things relax me".
Aleksandar Kostadinov, Head of Delegation explained that although Igor and Andrea had recorded many different language versions of Lijepa Tena, the local rules in the Croatian Dora festival stipulate that in the national selection the song must be performed in Croatian. The team were very satisfied with the rehearsals today.
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