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Countdown: Top Searches of 2014

30 December 2014 at 01:01 CET

A global hit with our clicks

Around the world the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 had to contend with other major events when it came to searches, such as the World Cup and the Sochi Olympics, both of which come around every four years. However in France the contest was the number one search under the category of Cultural Events.

Under Events, Europe's Favourite Tv Show was the number two search in Greece, Hungary and Poland. It occupied the same position in the Tv Shows/Programmes categories  in Sweden and Ukraine, and in Germany it was number two in the Music section.

At a respectable number four position, we can find the 2014 contest as a Top Trending topic in Greece, and as a Top Growing Request in Russia, whilst in Romania it was number four in General searches.

Even though Croatia didn't compete in the 2014 contest, the contest was still the fifth most searched for topic in Events, the same position and category it occupied in neighbouring Slovenia. Estonia also featured the contest at number five in their overall searches.

Just making it into various charts in the tenth position, the contest took that place in Portugal's Event chart and in Spain's Fastest Growing Trends chart.

It is also worth mentioning that the Junior Eurovision Song Contest was at number eight in Events in Bulgaria.

National Finals

It wasn't just the actual Eurovision Song Contest that made the Top Ten in various countries, some national finals throughout Europe also featured highly.

Melodifestivalen was in at number one in Sweden under Television Programmes, incidentally the same position it occupied in 2013.

Euroviisut was the number one searched for event in Finland, with the aforementioned Melodifestivalen at number eight in the same section.

Melodi Grand Prix in Denmark was their number four searched for item, proving to be a more popular search than the actual main contest.

In Hungary, their selection programme A Dal was the fourth most searched for Television Programme, and in Italy their long standing San Remo Festival was the tenth most searched for item.

Conchita Wurst

As we reported earlier in the month, the 2014 winning artist, Conchita Wurst, was amongst the most popular searches worldwide. Conchita appears in numerous national charts under various categories, which would take too long to list here, but amongst the more notable entries are in countries that don't compete in the Eurovision Song Contest, such as Canada where Conchita Wurst was the eighth most searched for Musician, and in Australia she was number ten in Global People.  

Wurst hit the number one spot in the German  and Polish Google charts under the Music category, the same position under Artists in Sweden, and Personalities in Spain. Whilst it will come as no surprise that Wurst was popular in Austria, as the second most searched for topic overall in the country. Also worth mentioning is that under People of the Year in Russia, we can find Conchita Wurst at a highly respectable number four.

2014 Artists

Apart from Conchita Wurst, other artists from the 2014 contest also appeared in various national charts. Ilse DeLange who was one half of The Common Linnets and finished in second place in the contest, also finds herself in the number two position when it comes to the top trending people in the Dutch Google searches.

In a similar fashion, Sanna Nielsen was not only third in the contest, but was the third most searched for Artist in Sweden, 

András Kállay-Saunders was the seventh most searched for Hungarian within his nation, and Basim was the third most searched for person under Danish Men in his country.

Ruth Lorenzo was the tenth most searched for Personality in Spain,  and Elaiza took the same position in the German Google searches under their Music search category.

Donatan & Cleo were the second most searched for artists under Music in the Polish charts, whilst Tinkara Kovač was the sixth most searched for Slovenian in her native country.

Other artists past and present

It wasn't just artists from the 2014 contest that were searched for on the internet.  In the German Music chart at ninth place, we can  find Marianne Rosenberg, who competed in numerous German national finals between 1975 and 1982 without ever winning the honour to represent her country. She was also short-listed to represent Luxembourg in the 1976 contest.

Sweden continues its enthusiasm for the contest, with numerous singers appearing in their Artist chart. Coming in at number two [just one place behind Conchita Wurst,] is Ace Wilder, who finished a close second in this year's Melodifestivalen. In the Artist chart she managed to come one place above Sanna Nielsen in internet searches. 

Once again, Monica Zetterlund, who represented Sweden in 1963, figures in the Artist chart in Sweden, last year she took the sixth place, and in 2014 she was the seventh most searched for artist.  Just one place behind Zetterlund, at number eight, is Sweden's very first entrant, Alice Babs, who sadly passed away in February, 2014. Babs took part in the 1958 contest where she finished in fourth place.

Special mention

Finally we couldn't resist commenting on Latvia's google searches under the category 'The Added Value Of Life' (according to Google Translate!), which has eurovision (lower case)  2014 at number four in the section, whilst in the Russian language (евровидение 2014) it appears at number seven in the same chart, and then finally Eurovision (upper case) 2014 is the tenth most searched for topic in the same chart. Latvians certainly seemed to have spent a lot of time searching information on the contest on the internet.

Other internet search engines are of course available, and no doubt the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, and the participating artists will prove to be popular subjects to search for, and bring you here to the pages of!