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Countdown: Top Searches of 2013

26 December 2013 at 11:00 CET

A global hit with our clicks

Around the world the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 was number seven amongst the Top Ten Events that we searched for, with the Boston Marathon not surprisingly being top of the category.

Reaching the top in the Netherlands, Russia and Ukraine

Google also published Top Ten lists from various countries, and the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 featured in either the lists of Top Ten Events or Top Ten Tv Programmes, whilst in the Netherlands it made Number One under the list of Festivals and Concerts, with the Junior Songfestival reaching number five in the same category. 

In Russia the Eurovision Song Contest occupied the number one slot under the Developments category, which reflects the subjects that saw the largest increase in volume since the previous period. It was also the third most searched subject in the country.

In Ukraine the contest was  listed as the number one Event that was searched for, but also featured at number two in the Top Television Programmes category.

Just missing out on the top slot

In Spain, Switzerland and  the aforementioned Ukraine the Eurovision Song Contest was the second most searched for item under Television Programmes whilst in Lithuania it took the same position under Events, and it was also the sixth most searched for topic under all searches within the country.

Popular at number three

The contest occupied the number three slot in a large number of countries, in Denmark and Ireland it was third under Television Programmes, whilst in Estonia, France, Finland and United Kingdom it took the same position under Events. 

In the Top Ten

Elsewhere, the Eurovision Song Contest was number six in Romania under the Top Events section, and in Austria and Norway it was number seven in same category. In Latvia it ranked at the eighth most searched for subject in the entire country.

National Finals

It wasn't just the actual Eurovision Song Contest that made the Top Ten in various countries, some national finals throughout Europe also featured highly.

Melodifestivalen was in at number one in Sweden under Television Programmes, though surprisingly the actual Eurovision Song Contest failed to feature.

Melodi Grand Prix in Denmark was their number one searched for Television Programme, also proving to be a more popular search than the actual contest. at number three.

Eesti Laul in Estonia was the fifth most searched Event in the country, just one place behind the main contest.

The Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix was the ninth most searched for Event, just two places behind the contest in the same list.

Artists past and present

Several artist from the contest also proved to be popular names to search, with the winner of this year's contest, Emmelie de Forest being the number one name on the Top Musicians list in Denmark, as well as taking the number four position in the Top People list in her home country.

This year's host nation, Sweden, featured a number of performers in their Top Artists category, with the runner up in this year's Melodifestivalen taking the top spot. Even more surprsingly is that the United Kingdom's representative, Bonnie Tyler was the third mos searched for artist in Sweden, ahead of their own entrant Robin Stjernberg at number six. The late Monica Zetterlund ,who represented Sweden in 1963, also made the Top Artists list at number nine.

Two former Israeli entrants featured in a couple of categories in their country. Shlomo Artzi who represented the country in 1975 was the tenth most searched for Celebrity in Israel, whilst their entrant in 2002, Sarit Hadad, was the third most searched for Israeli Women.

In Hungary, Byealex was the third in their Top People list, and the Dutch entrant Anouk occupied the same position in the same category in the Netherlands.  In Russia, their entrant, Dina Garipova was number five in their Top People list.

In Belgium, Roberto Bellarosa was the tenth most searched for Top Belgian, whilst Margaret Berger was the tenth most searched for artist within Norway.

Finally, the late Silvi Vrait, who sadly passed away this year, and was Estonia's entrant in their first appearance in final of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994, was the tenth most searched for person on Google within Estonia.

Other internet search engines are of course available, and no doubt the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, and the participating artists will prove to be popular subjects to search for, and bring you here to the pages of!