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Countdown: Top News of 2014

Posted 28 December 2014 at 12:22

Before we turn over a new leaf, we would like to look back at the whole news coverage in 2014 and show you the most popular, and most often visited articles on eurovision.tv! For that we picked out top 25 news that according to statistics were mostly often read by you, our Eurovision fans and visitors.
Have a look at the 25 most read news in 2014!

25. Hurray! It’s the First Semi-Final from Copenhagen.

It is always very exciting to watch the first live Eurovision show. We were there to report from the First Semi-Final in Copenhagen.
{News#Preview: 107973}

24. Allocation Draw results

For many fans, it is very important in which Semi-Final their favourite countries will take part. It was, of course, broadcast live from Copenhagen.
{News#Preview: 94893}

23. Conchita and Graham Norton

After her victory, Conchita had a very busy week. One of her most read interviews was one with BBC commentator Graham Norton.
{News#Preview: 111743}

22. Flags of participants in creative ways

The postcards - short clips before each contestant's performance - were so popular this year that this news reached our top 25 most read news.
{News#Preview: 111493}

21. The jury is announced!

The Eurovision fans are always interested in who are the jury and how their voting functions. This year, for the first time, the names of the national jury members in all countries represented in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest have been revealed before the live shows.
{News#Preview: 105413}

20. Luth Lorenzo is dancing in the rain

Ruth Lorenzo’s victory in Spain with her extraordinary song Dancing In The Rain caused a lot of excitement among the Eurovision fans. Thus, this news reached the place 20 in most read news this year.
{News#Preview: 96683}

19. All entries submitted for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest

One of the important official news is about the submission of all entries to the EBU. On that day, the Heads of Delegations gathered in Copenhagen to hear the latest updates from the contest and submit their entries. Fingers crossed that everything’s going smooth!
{News#Preview: 98663}

18. Poland’s comeback to Eurovision

Poland celebrated their comeback with number 18 among the most read news on eurovision.tv. Donatan&Cleo have been indeed very successful this year, finishing 14th in the Grand Final.
{News#Preview: 96883}

17. The Second Semi-Final from the B&W Hallerne

The Eurovision fans not only followed the Second Semi-Final from Copenhagen on the 8th of May, but they also checked the results on eurovision.tv
{News#Preview: 108953}

16. Conchita’s press conference

Thousands of fans followed the press conference of the winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, Conchita Wurst that took place just after the Grand Final. Thus, the article with Conchita’s quotes reached place Nr. 16 in the most read news.
{News#Preview: 110453}

15. Aram MP3’s song presentation

Aram MP3’s song presentation caused a sensation on eurovision.tv and made the Armenian singer to one of the favourites in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.
{News#Preview: 98073}

14. Australia will take part in Eurovision?

This year, Australia had a special place in the Eurovision Song Contest. The singer Jessica Mauboy performed as the interval act in the second Semi-Final on the 8th of May.
{News#Preview: 99443}

13. Second Semi-Final: The Winners' Press Conference

Why people read the news about the winner’s press conference? Well, it is full of information about the draw, singer’s mood and statements etc.
{News#Preview: 109163}

12. Voting order revealed

The voting order together with a list of the spokespersons revealed by the EBU is always very expected by the fans.
{News#Preview: 108873}

11. Join us for the First Semi-Final

Eurovision.tv blogged live about the first big show in Copenhagen – the First Semi-Final.
{News#Preview: 108443}

10. 5 reasons why Eurovision 2014 was a true song contest

Do you also know these 5 reasons? If not, you can catch up them here:
{News#Preview: 111543 }

9. Do you still remember the winners of the First Semi-Final?

The press conference is always a great opportunity to express winner’s happiness and give some statements to the audience.
{News#Preview: 108413 }

8. Scorechart makes the voting easier!

During the Grand Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, the fans around the world could make their judgments on the songs and award their own points with help of scorechart that was to download on eurovision.tv.
{News#Preview: 108463}

7. Ten more finalists are announced!

After the Second Semi-Final the list of the finalists for the Grand Final was fulfilled.
{News#Preview: 109003}

6. We all following the Second Semi-Final

Eurovision.tv blogged live about the Second Semi-Final and got a lot of followers.
{News#Preview: 109093}

5. It’s all about tickets

How to get tickets for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 is already a big issue among the Eurovision fans. So this information is always useful and up-to-date for all interested!
{News#Preview: 111593}

4. We know the first ten winners

Millions of fans followed the First Semi-Final. The news about the 10 winners reached Nr. 4 among the most read articles on eurovision.tv
{News#Preview: 108473}

3. It’s Conchita!

The whole world was waiting for this moment of glory. The news Eurovision.tv blogged live reached the third place.
{News#Preview: 110203}

2. Running order for the Grand Final revealed

The runner up is about the running order of the Grand Final which we published in the early hours of Friday before the live show.
{News#Preview: 109153}

1. Conchita takes it all!

It is not difficult to guess which news is the most read one in the whole year. Of course, it is about Conchita and her victory in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest!
{News#Preview: 110093}
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