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Countdown: Top news of 2013

Posted 24 December 2013 at 10:00

We've picked out top 25 news according to most reads by our visitors in the past months. While articles from the weeks of the Eurovision Song Contest and especially around the live shows dominate, national selection updates also got their hour of fame.
Have a look at the 25 most read news in 2013!

25. Greece says 'alcohol is free'

Greece's pick of Koza Mostra & Agathonas Iakovidis sure made Eurovision.tv buzz and that is how it made it to our top 25 most read news this year.
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24. Ten qualifiers from the first Semi-Final

How did they feel after being the first ones to qualify from the Semi-Finals for the Final? That was a question that interested people all over the world.

23. Anouk picked as Dutch entrant

Dutch superstar Anouk was picked by their broadcaster TROS to represent them in Malmö. It made headlines all over Europe and also on Eurovision.tv.

22. Live report of a Dress Rehearsal

What happens in the second Semi-Final? We were there to report from the first Dress Rehearsal. We see you loved it!

21. Serbia picks Moje 3

Serbia's girlband Moje 3 got quite a bit of attention after winning their ticket to Malmö.

20. Participant list in 2013

A total of 39 countries were to compete in Malmö and that we reported in December but you also loved it in the months to come.

19. Report on the Dress Rehearsal of the Final

Will Loreen sing? How will the contestants of the direct qualifiers do? That and more you found out in our live report from the Dress Rehearsal of the Final.

18. Host country picks Robin

Loreen was a hard act to follow but especially in Sweden as the competition is strong and well, she had just won the Eurovision Song Contest. In the end it was Robin who won despite qualifying from the Second Chace round.

17. Winners happy at the press conference

The first qualifiers from the Semi-Finals also had their very own press conference in Malmö. Check out what they said there!

16. ByeAlex goes for Hungary

The hipster pop song by ByeAlex enchanted the audience in Hungary and went on to represent them in Malmö.

15. Cascada gets German ticket to Malmö

Cascada took home the victory in Germany with her hit Glorious in a huge show in Hannover.

14. Emmelie at the winner's press conference

Emmelie de Forest gave a wonderful press conference just after winning the trophy.

13. First reactions of the finalists

How did it feel like not to win the Grand Prix in Malmö? What did they feel afterwards? That is what they told us minutes after the Final was over.

12. BonnieTyler gets picked by the BBC

Music legend Bonnie Tyler took the job of representing the UK in Malmö as asked by the BBC. That sure created buzz all over the world!

11. Who announced votes first?

Everyone was interested in who would be giving their votes first and who finishes the prestigious task.

10. Live: First Semi-Final

"Watch live,the first Semi-Final!" we recommended. You did!

9. Live: Now the second Semi-Final

And you also checked the second Semi-Final.

8. First interview with Emmelie after winning

Emmelie de Forest was so very excited after winning the trophy but she managed to give us a great interview on stage just after the live show was over.

7. Split results revealed

Who placed highest with the juries and who in the eyes of the audiences - that we revealed in May.

6. Who qualified from the second Semi-Final?

The very last qualifiers from Semi-Finals were chosen and we knew who. So did you, after reading the article that placed sixth in our most read articles of 2013.

5. Running order of Semi-Finals revealed!

It was this year when for the first time, it was decided by the producers of the show in which order the contestants would take the stage at the Eurovision Song Contest.

4. Live: Grand Final

The moment Europe had been looking forward to - the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest - was on and you were watching. So were we!

3. Europe decides on first qualifiers

The night Europe picked the very first Semi-Final qualifiers was an exciting one and that is how it also is number three in our most read articles of the year!

2. Running order for Final revealed

The runner up is the news about the running order of the Final which we published in the early hours of Friday before the live show.

1. Denmark bags victory

Naturally, the most read news article of the year, by quite a margin, is that it was Denmark's Emmelie de Forest who took home the glass trophy of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. And now she also won the prize of the Most Read Article on Eurovision.tv in 2013, congratulations!
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