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Countdown to the First Semi-Final!

19 May 2015 at 15:05 CEST
One more rehearsal to go! Andres Putting (EBU)
The countdown to LIVE shows continues and the excitement at the Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna, Austria is rising as there are just a few hours left until the First Semi-Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest starts. Don’t forget that you can watch it live here on or on our YouTube channel. But before the moment we've all been waiting for finally comes, join us, follow our live story and share your opinion below.

Who would you like to qualify for the Grand Final?

Share with us your 10 qualifiers?

The Contenders

  1. MOLDOVA: I Want Your Love sung by Eduard Romanyuta
  2. ARMENIA: Face The Shadow sung by Genealogy
  3. BELGIUM: Rhythm Inside sung by Loïc Nottet
  4. THE NETHERLANDS: Walk Along sung by Trijntje Oosterhuis
  5. FINLAND: Aina Mun Pitää sung by Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät
  6. GREECE: One Last Breath sung by Maria Elena Kyriakou
  7. ESTONIA: Goodbye To Yesterday sung by Elina & Stig
  8. F.Y.R. MACEDONIA: Autumn Leaves sung by Daniel Kajmakoski
  9. SERBIA: Beauty Never Lies sung by Bojana Stamenov
  10. HUNGARY: Wars For Nothing sung by Boggie
  11. BELARUS: Time sung by Uzari&Maimuna
  12. RUSSIA: A Million Voices sung by Polina Gagarina
  13. DENMARK: The Way You Are sung by Anti Social Media
  14. ALBANIA: I'm Alive sung by Elhaida Dani
  15. ROMANIA: De La Capat sung by Voltaj
  16. GEORGIA: Warrior sung by Nina Sublatti

@13:00 Tonight 16 countries will compete for 10 places in the Grand Final. The broadcast will be hosted by Mirjam Weichselbraun, Alice Tumler and Arabella Kiesbauer who are eager to welcome the millions of viewers to Vienna for tonight's show - together with Conchita Wurst, the last year's Eurovision Song Contest winner, who will be a host from the Green Room.

@13:05 In case you haven't heard about this before, Conchita Wurst reminds you about the hashtags, she will be using tonight as well!

@13:10 Ready for tonight? Do you know all the songs already? If not here you can find all the video of contestants competing in the first Semi-Final. Any favourites? You can share your opinion below!

@13:15 There are a lot of promo activities going on outside of this year's Eurovision venue. Here's one Instagram post made in German Embassy during the reception. Ann-Sophie (Germany) posing for the photographers.

@13:20 If you are curious how tonight's show is going to look like. Here's a sneak peek!

Gallery: First Semi-Final: Backstage

@13:25 The delegations from the countries which are taking part in the First Semi-Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest are already arriving as their artists need to get ready for another Dress Rehearsal. Our photographers are already in the backstage. So, let's check some photo impressions from the dressing room area.

@13:30 And here are some impressions from the backstage caught by video team this morning. We call it "Calm before the storm". You will find out why very soon.

@13:37 As we have cameras and photographers almost everywhere, we 'apologize' for posting too many photos and videos. ;) Here's another video we would like to share with you.

@13:44 Armenia is among the semifinalists in the First Semi-Final. Let's check what's the atmosphere like in their team.

@13:50 Do you know what this is? We will be making some selfies with the participants from 16 countries during the show tonight!

Gallery: First Semi-Final: Backstage 2

@13:58 There is just one hour left until the last rehearsal before tonight's show begins. Everything needs to look perfect.

@14:02 They will have the shortest Eurovision performance ever! Would you consider that as disadvantage?

@14:09 Sixteen  songs participate in the first Semi-Final, and professional juries in each of the participating countries, as well as in Spain, Austria, France and Australia, have voted on last night's 'Jury' show. They will account for 50% of the overall total. But tonight is your turn. Don't forget to vote and support your favourites.

@14:20 Or you can watch it LIVE on our YouTube channel!

@14:25 Let's see how Polina from Russia is getting ready for the last rehearsal scheduled at 15:00 CET!

@14:30 Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter as well. We expect great activity tonight. You can also be part of it.

@14:34 If you wonder what's happening with your vote(s), here's a video that explains it all.

@14:39 Do you have a scoreboard for tonight's show already? No? Here's one you can download, print out and use when the time for voting comes? This one you use to fill in the results of the SF1.

Gallery: First Semi-Final: Backstage 3

@14:45 There are just 15 minutes left until the last rehearsal of the first Semi-Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest starts. We have more photo impressions from the backstage to share.

@15:05 Remember this Eurovision face? Valentina Monettta from San Marino is also in the backstage.

@15:10 Curious about tonight's show? Here's a sneak peek with a lot of details about the First Semi-Final!

@15:15 OSRAM became the Official Lighting Partner of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest and prepared a great activity that is going happen at the Eurovision Village on the town hall square during all the Eurovision shows. Download Lightify@ESC for free and vote for the Eurovision entries with different colours.

@15:20 Have you already tried The Makemakes' beer? How many points would you give for it? ;)

@15:30 Did you already take part in our quiz? Check it out. It's fun and you can win a prize. We will announce the winner after 20:00 CET!

@15:40 There are around 750.000 deaf people in Europe who communicate in the Sign Language. For the first time, the Eurovision Song Contest is also organised as a fully-inclusive event. 

@15:51 You know that there's also a Eurovision app? You can get all the content, including songs and even to vote for the countries and artists you support!

@16:03 Already using Eurovision hashtags and/or hashflags? More details from Conchita!

@16:10 The excitement is raising in the Press centre as well. Let's see and hear what the journalists think of this year's Eurovision Song Contest and entries.

@16:20 Have you ever wondered how the artists usually prepare for the performances? Vocal warm-ups are part of those preparations too. Here's a sneak peek!

@16:31 After today’s last rehearsal, the Armenian artists left their jewelry in the backstage area: the belt is a real original treasury from 19th century. The chain shows the Armenian letter S, and belongs to Stephanie.

@16:40 In the backstage area you can also see some of the contestants from the Second Semi-Final like Anita from San Marino. She was watching the last rehearsal of the First Semi-Final and met Valentina Monetta. Check it out yourself.

Gallery: First Semi-Final: Backstage 4

@16:40 Want to see more photos from the backstage area during the First Semi-Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest? Seems like all the participants are looking forward to perform tonight. No sign of nervousness.

@16:52 In the meanwhile, the artists are coming back from the rehearsal and the volunteers are practicing the greatest Eurovision songs from the last 60 years for a change.

@17:00 It looks like Jon Ola Sand, the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest is satisfied.

@17:09 This is something you are going to see tonight at the beginning of the First Semi-Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. 16 semifinalists walking to the Eurovision stage.

@17:14 The last rehearsal is over. So, why not playing the X-box in the backstage for a while, right?

@17:22 Everything's ready at the commentary booths too!

@17:30 Please, don't disturb! No, on the contrary, all artists usually find some time for the Press and especially for, even though they are terribly busy!

@17:39 Getting ready for tonight's show? There is no much time left. Here's another video we would like to share, made by our video guys during the last rehearsal. What do you think? Share your opinion bellow.

@17:51 All you need to know about tonight's show! Let us know about your favourites.

@18:02 The cardboard mini-props of Eurovision legends used by our colleagues from DR as a set decoration for their TV show.

@18:21 A lot of Eurovision fans across Europe and beyond have used #AskEurovision hashtag to post questions for this year's participants of the Eurovision Song Contest. Here are some answers!

@18:35 There will be one more long dress, but this time it's Conchita's!

@18:49 Let's have a look at the Eurovision betting odds about the first Semi-Final. Any thoughts? Share your opinion below.

@19:03 Do you know what the Viewing Room is? As soon as the artists come off stage, they join the rest of their delegation, and walk through the labyrinth of corridors in the Wiener Stadthalle to the Viewing Room. Stay tuned as we are going to have a story, which explains is all!

@19:16 For all the technical "nurds" out there!

Gallery: First Semi-Final: Backstage 5

@19:30 Last hour before the LIVE show. It seems like the most of our contestants tonight are using to relax for a change.

@19:42 If you have missed today's EBU Press conference, which was held at 18:00 CET, stay tuned for more Eurovision news.

@19:53 More of "behind the scenes" material. Eduard from Moldova, who will be first to perform talks to

@20:05 Dear Eurovision fans, we are about to end this live story and to start a new one focused on the upcoming show. But before that, there's one more important information we would like to share. Have you already heard about our quiz? If you have missed it, no worries, here is another edition with a few more questions. Test you knowledge about the Eurovision Song Contest.

The winner of the previous one is: Jade Kevin Santos. Congratulations! We will get in touch with you soon.