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Countdown to Grand Final!

23 May 2015 at 15:30 CEST
All set for the Grand Final! All set for the Grand Final!
The excitement at this year's Eurovision venue is rising as the last rehearsal of the Grand Final was held at 13:00 CET! This was the last chance for the 27 finalists to bring their performances to perfection, before tonight's show is aired! A lot of Eurovision fans were following the last rehearsal in Wiener Stadthalle too. But you can join as well, follow our live updates and share your opinion bellow.

Who is your favourite? Who would you like to win? Let us know.

The Grand Final running order

The 27 songs in contention will perform in the following order.

  1. Slovenia: Here For You sung by Maraaya
  2. France: N'oubliez Pas sung by Lisa Angell
  3. Israel: Golden Boy sung by Nadav Guedj
  4. Estonia: Goodbye To Yesterday sung by Elina Born & Stig Rästa
  5. United Kingdom: Still In Love With You sung by Electro Velvet
  6. Armenia: Face The Shadow sung by Genealogy
  7. Lithuania: This Time sung by Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila
  8. Serbia: Beauty Never Lies sung by Bojana Stamenov
  9. Norway: A Monster Like Me sung by Mørland & Debrah Scarlett
  10. Sweden: Heroes sung by Måns Zelmerlöw
  11. Cyprus: One Thing I Should Have Done sung by John Karayiannis
  12. Australia: Tonight Again sung by Guy Sebastian
  13. Belgium: Rhythm Inside sung by Loïc Nottet
  14. Austria: I Am Yours sung by The Makemakes
  15. Greece: One Last Breath sung by Maria Elena Kyriakou
  16. Montenegro: Adio sung by Knez
  17. Germany: Black Smoke sung by Ann Sophie
  18. Poland: In The Name Of Love sung  by Monika Kuszyńska
  19. Latvia: Love Injected sung by Aminata
  20. Romania: De La Capat/ All Over Again sung by Voltaj
  21. Spain: Amanecer sung Edurne 
  22. Hungary: Wars For Nothing sung by Boggie
  23. Georgia: Warrior sung by Nina Sublatti
  24. Azebaijan: Hour Of The Wolf sung by Elnur Huseynov
  25. Russia: A Million Voices sung by Polina Gagarina
  26. Albania: I'm Alive sung by Elhaida Dani
  27. Italy: Grande Amore sung by Il Volo

@13:05 This afternoon at 13:00 CET there will be a last rehearsal of the Grand Final, which will be the last opportunity for the artists to make final adjustments for tonight's show.

@13:11 Just hours ahead of the Grand Final of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest the European Broadcasting Union is proud to have been awarded a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for Longest Running Annual TV Music Competition!

Gallery: Grand Final: Dress Rehearsal

@13:23 Curious about tonight's show? We have more photos from the last rehearsal in the Wiener Stadthalle.

@13:33 Details about the Grand Final you can find in our live story from yesterday.

@13:45 While we are watching the last rehearsal of tonight's show, let's have a look at the betting odds. How is your favourite? Let us know. Share your opinion below.

@13:55 Qualifying for the Final is a big achievement because the competition in both semi-finals was quite strong. Here you can see the joy among the contestant from Baltic countries.

@14:13 Lamps, stages, music instruments, suitcases, and a projection screen - that's just a few of the props we get to see on the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest stage. But how do they actually get there? We talked to Alexander Zupan, the Senior Floor Manager here in Vienna, and he explains us how the props are lined up to go on stage, carried there, and operated. Watch it now!

@14:29 You know that the voting order is also revealed, right? The EBU has published the scheduled voting order that the 40 countries will announce their votes tonight, together with a list of the spokespersons. There are a number of names that will be familiar to fans of the contest, including several former participants and national final presenters.

@14:37 Did you already print out the scoreboard for tonight's show? Share with us your points for the acts in the Grand Final.

@14:45 By broadcasting the Eurovision Song Contest in International Sign, ORF in cooperation with the EBU create not only an accessible event. For the first time, the Eurovision Song Contest is also organised as a fully-inclusive event:

@14:54 The Eurovision Song Contest has changed her life. Conchita is busier than ever. But at the moment she is focused on her job as a host from the Green Room. talked to her few hours before tonight's show. Check it out.

@15:05 Last night we've had a Jury show. The juries from 40 participating countries voted on Friday. Tonight it's your turn. Did you check the numbers you need to call? Have you already the official Eurovision app?

@15:11 Silk mousseline, silk duchesse, leather fringe and laces - these are elements of dresses that three hosts, Arabella Kiesbauer, Alice Tumler and Mirjam Weichselbraun will wear on stage during the Grand Final. All three ladies go for black. Conchita, the Green Room host, wears a glittery violet costume that she will change in the course of the show.

@15:17 Someone seems to be ready to 'rapapab' tonight!

@15:25 Knez from Montenegro is showing his lucky shoes, 'his winner shoes', especially made for Eurovision and his 'lucky suite'.

@15:31 Isn't she lovely? Polina from Russia arrived at the Wiener Stadthalle this morning. She also performed her entry during the last rehearsal before tonight's show.

@15:45 Just four hours to go! Before and After: The Press Centre at the Wiener Stadthalle.

@15:56 #BuildingBridges: Guy from Australia met Elnur from Azerbeijan. 'We all have been sitting there, watching (your) performance thinking how could such a huge voice come from a small guy. Your voice is amazing."

@16:06 The last rehearsal of the Grand Final is almost over. At the moment, the voting procedure is being rehearsed. The spokespersons from all participating countries are announcing the results of voting, but not the real one as this is just a rehearsal.

@16:15 In two countries, Australia and Azerbaijan, the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest takes place not on the 23rd, but on the 24th of May. The difference between Vienna and Elnur's home is three hours. Eight hours separate Australia from Europe. Elnur and Guy came together after their third rehearsal to cheer their citizens up to wake up and not to sleep for this great show!

@16:23 Hopefully you have already took part in our quiz. If not, you should definitely check it out. It's fun and you can also win a prize.

@16:35 Just to be sure. You know that you can watch the Final here on and or YouTube?



@16:50 If you wonder who is responsible for the Eurovision magic on your screen, here's an answer!

@17:01 Excited? All set for the live show? Who are you going to watch the Grand Final with? And who are going to vote for tonight? Let us know.

@17:17 All you need to know about the acts in the Grand Final! The first third of competing acts.

@17:29 The official public viewing in the Eurovision Village located in the Vienna city hall square is a meeting place for a lot of Eurovision fans and city guests. With Lightify@ESC, the official partner OSRAM, makes these events even more attractive. Download Lightify@ESC for free and vote for the Eurovision entries with different colours.

@17:37 It's time to fix the make-up. Nina from Georgia.

@17:49 What a cool idea! Sending the Eurovision logo into the stratosphere.

@18:01 The countdown continues - three more hours to go!

@18:15 The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 marks the 60th birthday for one of the longest running TV shows... Happy birthday from LEGO®!

@18:29 John Karayiannis from Cyprus seem to be the most relaxed performed in the backstage. "I'm always relaxed. I'm a control freak. (...) I really want to thank my parents for that. As a kid they didn't show me what anxiety is. That's what everybody should do. You shouldn't feel the pressure while singing to millions of people."

@18:44 Nadav form Israel and his dance were showing us some moves.

@19:01 Just two more hours to go!

@19:10 Google seems to be in a Eurovision mood tonight as well. ;)

@19:21 Don't forget to use our special Eurovision hashflags!

@19:30 Last chance for a perfect make-up!

@19:42 Bojana from Serbia has a video message for her fans - but in Serbian. 'I will excited. Getting ready for the show. Thank you for your support."

Gallery: Grand Final: Fans arriving

@19:50 A lot of fans are already in the Wiener Stadthalle. But some are still arriving.

@20:05 Counting alst 60 minutes to the Grand Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. We are about to end this live story and start a new one focused on the upcoming show.