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Could it Maybe third time lucky for Valentina?

29 April 2014 at 12:38 CEST

Familiar routine

Apart from appearing on the Eurovision stage, Valentina is also more than used to the routine backstage at the contest, and very shortly after arriving at the B&W Hallerne was already having the in-ear sound checks and making her way behind the enormous cube set.

Valentina is wearing a long elegant, sleeveless pale dress, and the stage set for Maybe, sees Valentina standing centre stage on a glittery gold circular dais, behind her there is a fan like arrangement made out of loose fabric material

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There are also four backing singers standing on the rigt hand side of the stage: two female and two male.  A pianist also appears on the left hand side of the stage.

The lighting starts off in pale colours, with light blue spotlights featuring in the background LED screens. As the song builds up the colours transform into a more dramatic striking orange and gold.

There are some nice low sweeping camera shots included that show off the water feature at the front of the stage, and give the impression of it being much deeper than it actually is.

No wind today

There will also be the inclusion of a wind machine, but during the rehearsals this wasn't working, so the wind was becalmed on this occasion. Hopefully all will be working perfectly by the time Valentina Monetta has her second rehearsal on Friday afternoon.

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