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Cool and laid-back performance by ByeAlex

Posted 9 May 2013 at 12:26

Just before going on stage, ByeAlex seemed to be quiet and concentrated on his sound check. Nevertheless, the artist talked to Eurovision.tv about his song: “I sing in Hungarian because I love the melody of my language.” The singer said that the song Kedvesem itself was not dedicated to a specific woman. Rather it's about a very special creature that you can trust.
Alex Márta is a real name of ByeAlex. As Alex explained, he chose his pseudonym because of his first name, and combined it with the word “bye” that is translated as “pa” in Hungarian which the singer and his friends often use as a gag.
{Video#YT, id: MuBTSGzfO1o}
Different cartoon characters were shown on the projectors during the Hungarian performance. The sketch of Alex's face that his sister created appeared on projectors as well. The stage was lit in green and blue.
ByeAlex entered the stage with his male guitarist and his female backing vocalist. They all wore their casual clothes, they seemed laid-back and just enjoyed their own performance.
After the rehearsal, the Hungarian delegation gave some interviews to the press at the Euroclub.
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