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Convincing performance by Dorians

11 May 2013 at 20:23 CEST
Dorians represented Armenia in 2013 EBU

The Armenian lead singer Gor Sujyan appeared in the press centre relaxed and in a good mood. He said he was happy with their first rehearsal. Everything went smoothly and the singer was satisfied with technique. Now, before the second rehearsal, the lead singer just feels more confident and comfortable.

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Gor Sujyan told that there were misunderstandings with the press, as not only his name, Gor Sujyan, but the whole band Dorians, consisting of five musicians, has been nominated as the Armenian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Gor entered the stage in jeans, white shirt and grey vest. The rest of his team wore jeans symbolising they belong to each other as one band. All together, they delivered a vocally powerful performance.

"We are very satisfied with our rehearsal!"

In the press conference, Gohar Gasparyan, the Head of the Armenian delegation, said that "We were 60% satisfied with our first rehearsal, and now we are 99 % satisfied with the second one."

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The host asked the band Dorians why they chose to sing in English and not in Armenian? One of the members answered: "Rock music sounds better in English and it came from English-speaking countries."