Convincing Hind in first Dutch rehearsal!

The Dutch participant Hind was astonishing at today's rehearsal at the Belgrade Arena. She came out on stage and delivered a flawless vocal performance, and she had the energy to flirt with the camera as well. Hind was on stage together with two male dancers and three female backing singers. The choreography of the two dancers was a free-style and fitted well together with the up-tempo and oriental tunes of the song. During the first and second take, Hind's outfit for the Semi-Final was revealed. The outfit is a blue dress with glitter covering it. Hind received good response from the audience.

The singing career of Hind rocketed since her participating in the Dutch version of the television programme Idol in 2003. Her debut single Summer All Over Again (2003) instantly became a big hit, resulting in Hind being frequently on television and in shows throughout the country.  In 2004 Hind was awarded an Edison Music Award for 'Best New National Artist' and she received a golden record for her debut album Around The World. Currently, over 40,000 albums have been sold.


At the press conference after the rehearsal, Hind expressed that she was very satisfied with her team and their mutual performance. Hind thought that the stage was really beautiful, so she really enjoyed rehearsing. She already thinks that they have come a long way in the preparation for the Semi-Final on 20th of May. Hind told the present fans and accredited press that she always has wanted to sing and participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, and that she thinks that the beauty of the event, among other things, is the fact that "so many beautiful countries" come together. Hind had a surprise at the press conference: she brought a Serbian guitar player, called Vladan, and together they performed Your Heart Belongs To Me.


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