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Controversy after steamy Super Saturday

25 February 2008 at 16:36 CET

Leading story across Europe is the victory of Dustin the Turkey in Ireland. What is "the last option for Irish success at the contest" for one, is a "terrible disgrace for the other, serious competitors in the Irish national final" for others. In an interview with the fan site, former Eurovision Song Contest winner and jury member Dana, said: "I think if we treat the Eurovision Song Contest as a joke, we should pull out. Otherwise it's disrespectful to the many countries who take this seriously and to whom winning the competition means a great deal". She also proposed an alternative way of selecting Ireland's Eurovision Song Contest entry.Earlier, she already said that she "doesn't blame the turkey," but that she "does blame the turkey's who voted for it." Press agency Reuters described Dustin as an "unlikely ambassador  for Ireland's rich musical tradition."

Meanwhile, on the other side of Europe, controversy striked the Romanian selection once again. Plagued by several pull-outs and disqualifications, the writers of the winning song face allegations of plagiarism! According to fan site, the Romanian broadcaster composed a committee to investigate the allegations. Nico & Vlad Mirita performing Pe-o Margine De Lume won the competition, gaining 271 points altogether.

No Eurovision Song Contest without gossip, rumours and a scandal each now and then. Fortunately, it wasn't all about the scandals this weekend. For example in Croatia, where Kraljevi Ulice finally won the national selection after several attempts over the past years, and in Iceland, where top favorite Euroband won the ticket to Belgrade. This weekend also brought the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest a wide variety of music styles, from a classic ballad in Poland to traditional europop in Iceland, and from turkey-flavoured disco sounds in Ireland to DJ-mixed dance from Bulgaria.

With nearly half of the 43 participating countries left to pick their entries for the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest, there is not even the slightest chance of predicting possible winners yet.