Contenders lined up for Slovenian selections

The Slovenian broadcaster RTVSLO had 111 entries to choose from when electing the songs for the national finals of 2010. Now, an internal jury has opted for the following final 14:

  • Nina Pušlar – Dež
  • Martina Šraj – Dovolj Ljubezni
  • Zadnji Taxi – Franjo
  • Vaso & D Plejbeks – Gremo Na Emo
  • Petra Pečovnik – Iz Nevade
  • Martina Feri – Le En Dan
  • Maro Vozelj – Maj Si Zrak
  • Anz. Roka Žlindere & Kalamari – Narodnozabavni Rock
  • Sara Kobold – Od Tod Do Večnosti
  • Brigita Šuler – Para Me
  • Ylenia Zobec – Priznam
  • Langa – Roko Di Maj
  • Manca Špik – Tukaj Sem Doma
  • Saša Zamernik – Živim Za Zdaj


Seven back-ups

The artists will perform their songs in the national selection EMA, taking place in the first half of March. The exact date is yet to be announced. The following are listed as reserves, making it to the contest in case of withdrawal:

  • Zala Hodnik – Ptice V Letu
  • Samuel Lucas – Na Pravi Poti
  • Andrej Ikica – Ko Mine Ta Dan
  • Sons – 3 Stvari
  • Kata Fašink in Rok Ferengja – Nova Pomlad
  • Sebastian – Bodi Ob Meni
  • Skupina Suplenca – Gremo Ven


Seven wildcards

The selected 14 acts will compete in the semi-final, called EMA Predizbor. The chosen finalists from this round will compete for the right to represent Slovenia with seven local composers invited by the broadcaster. This means a small change from the EMA 2009, where six composers were given this wildcard by RTVSLO.

Of the 2010 artists, Brigita Šuler has routine from competing in EMA both in 2009 and 2008. Furthermore, Manca Špik and the group Langa competed together in 2009 with the song Zaigraj Muzikant. Now the constellation has decided to split up with one song each. In 2009 they finished in 5th position, winning the televote but failing to score any points from the jury. For the EMA 2010, RTVSLO has changed the rules and will now decide the winner by televoting alone.

In 2009, the job for Slovenia was taken on by Quartissimo feat. Martina with Love Symphony. They finished 16th in the Semi-Final and did not qualify for the Final.

More about the EMA 2009:

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