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Confirmed: Dana International makes Eurovision comeback

08 February 2011 at 14:40 CET

International, who won Europe's favourite TV-show with the hit record Diva - lyrics written by the current Israeli Head of Delegation, Yoav Ginai - has apparently decided to make a comeback to the Eurovision Song Contest scene. 

She has been chosen to be one of the 10 finalists, a list that was revealed by the broadcaster today. You can see all the finalist below.

  • Knob - Ohev Et Ze
  • Dana International - Ding Dong
  • Hatikva 6 - Hakol Sababa
  • Vladi Bleiberg - Lirkod
  • Chen Aharoni - Or
  • Michael Greilsommer - Tu Du Du
  • Sivan Bahanam - Kach Oti
  • Adi Cohen - Al Ahava
  • Niki Goldstein - Amri Itach
  • Idit Halevi - It's My Time

This makes it Dana's third attempt to represent her country and bringing the victory back to her homeland for the fourth time.

Back in 1998...

 Diva became the last entry entirely in a language other than English to win the Eurovision Song Contest until 2007.


Diva was chosen as one of the 14 most popular songs in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest, and was thus one of the entrants in the Congratulations 50th anniversary concert in Copenhagen, Denmark, held in October 2005.

After a few years away from show business, she released a new album in March 2007. The second single, Love Boy, became the most played song on Israeli radio in a decade.

It wouldn't also be the first time she'd be represented at the Eurovision Song Contest as a song writer as she also wrote the 2008 Israeli entry The Fire In Your Eyes, performed by Boaz Mauda. The song came finished 9th in the Final.

Israel's last year's entry Millim, by Harel Skaat, finished 14th in the Grand Final in Oslo, Norway.