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Conchita Wurst in flame wings for Austria

03 May 2014 at 16:51 CEST

Already in London Conchita Wurst told the team that her performance for Copenhagen would be a most simple one and, in a way, that's what she delivered on the stage minutes ago during the second Austrian rehearsal.

Conchita is dressed in a cream-coloured mermaid-like gown in the centre of the stage and up on a pedestal while she belts out her Bond-soundtrack inspired song Rise Like A Phoenix.

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And to match with the song lyrics, the backdrop is lit with flames in the shape of wings which seem to be about to take Conchita flying around like a phoenix. Before a grand pyrotechnic finale.

Below you can see her with the Maltese singers, who are sporting "Knit for Tolerance" Conchita beards. 

Conchita thanks all her fans and followers in our video below:

An overwhelming feeling

How was the first rehearsal for Conchita? "It was incredible. And it felt better than in the first one because there were some more people there in the audience and it was amazing, really. It's really overwhelming, by the end of the song with all the fires I just felt very... wam!"

Some people seem to agree about the imple performance: "I really wanted to go for a very simple staging but also very glamorous with all the LED screens showing the passion from the flames".

About the character of Conchita: "everybody is asking me why do I have such a comedian name with such a serious message. But I like both sides, I created this act with the meaning: be whatever you want, when we're equal we'll get everything, not just pieces of it".

She loves her dress for the shows, but that's no wonder as she created it: "My dress is designed by myself and I'm so grateful that there are people who could taylor it. They did a great job, I love it"!

Asked if she'd do like fellow countrymen Udo Jürgens who came back to the contest three times in a row until he won it for Austria in 1966, she replied: "I'd do it over and over again, because I really like Eurovision".

She had one more statement to add: "the problem is that many people think that the way that I express is too much, but this is my own truth. I feel comfortable this way. I don't want to scare anyone I just want people to know that they can be accepted in any way that they can".

This content is unfortunately no longer available