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Complete Daniel Kajmakoski’s story and go to Vienna

In Daniel Kajmakoski’s entry Autumn Leaves, every animation is a piece from singer’s life: his childhood, a place where he grow up and of course his first big big love. But unlike the song that ends in three minutes, Daniel’s story doesn’t. It continues in his fans’ heads in hundred different ways. What is your version of Daniel’s story? Draw your idea about what should happen on the next page(s) of Daniel’s life and share it with his team till the 20th of April!

As a prize you’ll get a ticket for the First Semi-Final on the 19th of May, a hotel accommodation and travel costs for the dates from the 19th till the 21st of May.

In this way Daniel Kajmakoski is #BuildingBridges to his fans to bring them closer to him and to the live show on the 19th of May. You will also have the opportunity to meet the singer on the 20th of May.

Here is a version of one of Daniel Kajmakoski's fans:

On the Daniel Kajmakoski’s home page you can find out more information, watch the steps how to do it and where to post!