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Commentator's guide to the commentators

Posted 15 May, 2011, 18:02

Paddy O'Connell provided the BBC commentary on the Semi-Finals from 2004 until 2010. An enthusiastic supporter of the contest, he is in Düsseldorf reporting on the event for various media, including

Exploring the Commentator's Box

He gives his own inimitable perspective and guide to the commentators booths, and shows the viewpoint from the window down into the arena. Find out the functions of the various controls within the small space, and look at how some countries decorate their working space.

Commentators from Austria and Denmark

In the press working area, Paddy talks to the experienced commentator Andi Knoll, who has commmentated for Austria since 1999, and to Ole Tøpholm who is doing the job for the very first time for Denmark, and finds out how they approach the task of keeping their national audiences informed of what is happening in Europe's Favourite Tv Show.
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