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Colourful moustaches from France

04 May 2014 at 13:30 CEST
TWIN TWIN performed their song 'Moustache' in Copenhagen EBU

Catchy lyrics and funny clothes

The whole performance of the French band TWIN TWIN is very colourful and catchy. The very first tune sounds funny and makes you dance, and sing with TWIN TWIN "Moustache"!

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TWIN TWIN entered the stage at the B&W Hallerne in their gaudy clothes. Three singers were accompanied by two dancers in white who created a disco atmosphere on stage.   

François and Patrick played the guitar whilst Lorent delivered a great vocal performance. Colourful moustaches were the main motif displayed on the LEDs backdrop.

"TWIN TWIN sounds rhythmic" met the French participants backstage: “We arrived Yesterday”, Lorent, one of the singes started to sing Beatles’ song.

The participants told the story behind their song: "The idea came from our friend who said he had everything, but the only thing he wanna have is a moustache. It’s a story about a humorous and affectionate critique of our culture of hyper-consumption."

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"The word Moustache is also understandable in English. It’s important for us that people understand our message all over the world."

Lorent, François and Patrick wore colourful and flashy clothes: “We’ll try this combination today,” François told, and Patrick told about his make-up: "It takes origin in Africa, Tanzania and means that I am my own master."