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Colourful and retro from Serbia

05 May 2011 at 16:43 CEST
Nina - Čaroban (Serbia 2011)

Excitement backstage

Nina appeared backstage in her new stage costume. She said "I'm excited, we are in our costumes for the first time now, so we're very eager to see how people are going to react."

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For the Eurovision Song Contest, the artists use in ear monitors to enhance their hearing. They are similar to headphones. Nina comments "They are perfect, it's wonderful to sing when you're hearing the music in your head! When I first put them on, it was a blessing. I would like to sing like this every day."

On stage, Nina wears a grey and white dress with white tights, her three female backing singers are dressed in orange, green and pink/purple dresses. These will be the outfits that Serbia will wear during the Second Semi-Final. 

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At first, only two people from the delegation arrived at the Serbian press conference, shortly afterwards Nina and her backing singers walked in to the room and treated the press to a rendition of Čaroban.

Composers memories of the 1991 contest

Composer Kristina Kovač had now arrived in Germany, and was present at the press conference. Kristina has experience of having performed at the Eurovision Song Contest before, as a backing singer for Baby Doll for Yugoslavia in 1991. She commented on this experience saying "I was very young, only 17 in 1991 with Baby Doll. I carry only fond memories of that. There was much fun to be had there." 


Kristina also explained about the lyrics of the song being quite personal to her. "The song I wrote is real, because the magical man is real, but I left him at home this morning!. The other magical moment I had was finding the wonderful young Nina to sing my song." 

Working hard to make things magical

Over the next few days Nina joked "I'm going to party all of the time!. We will have more rehearsals in our hotel. Every day we work hard with this. We're working hard to make it magical on stage."

In the Serbian national final, Kristina had been in a competition with her sister and father to write the Serbian entry. She commented on this experience "It was not difficult at all, I didn't really see it as a real competition, they are my father and sister, it was still a sweet victory though. My father loves the song and is very supportive."

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