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Closing his Semi-Final – with a profound Greek message

The Greek entry takes the stage as the 19th and final entry of the First Semi-Final. But the main singer Loucas Yiorkas hails from Cyprus.

Loucas Yiorkas describes Watch My Dance, the song he will be performing, as a combination of Greek folk music and hip hop music.

The hip hop part is taken care of by Stereo Mike, a successful hip hop artist with both English and Greek language compositions on his track record.


Not a love depiction

Loucas Yiorkas sees a profound message in the song. Unlike many other songs in pop music, it's not the conventional love depiction. The lyrics are about making it through those hard moments in life and surviving your own thoughts – and thus, in a way, it's a reflection on the financial crisis in Greece.

The lyrics of Watch My Dance are written by Eleana Vrachali, while the music is composed by Giannis Christodoulopoulos.


Cypriot winner of Greek X Factor

Loucas Yiorkas was born and raised in Cyprus. He has tried his hand on a number of instruments, but eventually it was evident that singing was the strongest of his skills and always first in his heart.

Some years ago, Loucas moved to Greece to study. But his dream to become a singer led him to audition for X Factor 2008–2009 – where he was the overall winner.

Since 2009, Loucas has been performing live with many famous Greek artists, such as Elena Paparizou. He has also formed his own band, which performs in various music halls around Greece. On the 2nd of March, he was selected by the Greek audience to represent Greece in the 56th Eurovision Song Contest.


MTV winner

Mike Exarchos, known as Stereo Mike, moved to England at the age of 18 to study music technology. His work in that field eventually led to a record contract, and his music has subsequently had great success both in Greece and internationally.

In 2007, Stereo Mike released the first album from his trilogy XLI3H-ANELI3H-KATALH3H, featuring many internationally acclaimed Greek artists, and in 2008, he won the Best Greek Act and received a nomination for Europe's Favourite Act at the MTV European Music Awards.

He has just completed ANELI3H, the second part of his album trilogy.


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