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Malta's Claudia Faniello is ready to leave the audience breathless(ly)

17 April 2017 at 12:00 CEST
Claudia Faniello will represent Malta in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Kris Micallef
If ever there was proof of the mantra — 'if at first you don't succeed try, try and try again' — it's Claudia Faniello from Malta. Claudia has participated in the Maltese national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest eleven times and this year she finally realises her dream with Breathlessly.

Descending from Italian origin (Italian father and Maltese mother) she nurtured a passion and love for music since she was a little girl. In 2005 she won a show aimed at launching new talent, and since then she never looked back.

In 2006 Claudia entered the Maltese national selection for the first time, something she would do continue to do in the years that followed in a career has been described as a rollercoaster of different emotions. In 2017 she finally succeeded in winning a ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Breathlessly. Claudia describes her power ballad as "emotional, real and breathtaking". 

For Claudia participating in the Eurovision Song Contest is the culmination of a very personal journey: "I grew up watching the Eurovision Song Contest, and my brother represented Malta twice in the contest. It took me nine years to get there, so you can understand that for me, it is not only about my career, but it comes from the heart."