Classy rehearsal of Hungary's Csézy

The background projections during the Hungarian song was showing dozens of candles when Csézy rehearsed her song Candlelight for the first time in the gigantic Belgrade Arena today. The whole impression was that of a very intimate song and the Hungarian singer manages to convey the message of the song very well. Csézy is accompanied by a piano-player and four backing vocals. Vocally, there was no doubt that the attractive Hungarian can carry the song and the excellent backing vocals give the song some more depth. The Hungarian tried out two variations of the song, with one of them being fully sung in English while the other had a small part in their native language. Hungary managed to break in the top ten of last year's Eurovision Song Contest, and this aim doesn't seem to be a far-fetched one for Csézy! 

In 2007, Csézy's childhood dream to become a successful singer came true when her debut album hit the shelves of the Hungarian music stores. The first single from the album became a huge success in Hungary, since local radio stations picked up the moving ballad immediately. The spectacular video prepared for the song also remained in high rotation of Hungarian music TV channels for weeks. Candlelight, the song that Csézy will perform in English at the Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade, is another beautiful, heartbreaking ballad. The composer is Viktor Rakonczai, its lyrics were written by Imre Mozsik. Viktor Rakonczai's name might be familiar to those who have been following the history of Eurovision Song Contest, as he was one of the singers of the boygroup named VIP which, representing Hungary, had attended the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin in 1997.

In the press conference, fans and media were treated with a short version of Csézy's song in Hungarian as well as an acapella version of the Hungarian song in the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest. Csézy revealed that there were five different outfits for her preview video offered to her, and she chose the Japanese-styled clothes as she liked them best.




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