Classy Norwegian singer shines!

Maria's Hold On Be Strong has been named as one of the favourites of the 2008 contest and with her shining performance today, there is no reason to believe why the sympathetic Norwegian singer should not be in the top five in the first semi-final which will take place on the 20th of May! Accompanied by three female backing singers and two guitar-players, Maria integrated a fitting cheorography into her number which worked well. The stage during Hold On Be Strong is filled with hundreds of lights on a predominantly blue background and it seemed that Maria and her team were already wearing their final clothes which are also bright blue.

Maria released her first studio album in 2005 which was called Breathing. She just released her new album, which of course includes her Eurovision Song Contest entry Hold On Be Strong. Maria became a household name after participating in the TV-show Pop Idol in Norway in 2004. She came sixth, and is remembered for her big voice and strong personality. 

In her press conference today, Maria treated the present media with her enormous vocal talent. She was also satisfied with the way her rehearsal went. When asked what was her favourite song in this year's contest, she answered that she liked the Danish song most. 


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