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Christos Mylordos (Cyprus) 2nd press conference

07 May 2011 at 14:56 CEST

“Yes, it’s difficult for singers to wake up that early,” Delegation Head Evi Papamichael concedes. But rehearsals went well: Together with the help of the TV director, the choreographer and stage designer have worked hard to create the dreamy atmosphere. “The light that the audience will see signifies the light that you should follow to meet your angel,” Evi explains.

Mihalis Antoniou had a special angel in mind when he wrote the lyrics. The song is actually pays tribute to two people close to him that were killed in car accidents. “They were angels and have inspired me,” he reveals.

The Delegation Head explains that Greece voting for Cyprus and vice versa is no political agreement. “It has to do with our similar cultures and that we listen to the same type of music, so we naturally vote for what we like. And don’t forget: the representative of Greece is a Cypriot.”