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Christos Mylordos (Cyprus) 1st press conference

03 May 2011 at 22:13 CEST

After the first set of rehearsals, Christos says that being at the Eurovision is the best birthday present that he’d ever received, as “music is special, music is my life.” Even though the song will be performed in Greek, he hopes that people will understand it. “I will try to bring the meaning of the song across in such a way that even if it’s not understood, the feeling comes across. The song is about a lost love. “With that I mean people in the family, it’s not only about a love”, Christos explains.

In order to visualise the distance between the lover and the loved one, Cyprus will be the first country to use the satellite stage here in Düsseldorf. “Chrissie Andreou will be playing the angel,” says Delegation Head Evi Papamichael, elaborating that “the first rehearsal didn’t see any difficulties with the camera work. We only need to do some fine tuning.”  

Cyprus has a unique approach to selecting the song in that both the singer and the song were voted for. Christos won the singer preliminaries. Songwriters had to submit their entries to a national rating committee. In the end, songwriter Andreas Anastasiou and lyricist Mihalis Antoniou were victorious. 18-year-old Andreas has already submitted a song previously, but this time, his was chosen. “I hope that you all will love it and that we’ll qualify for the final,” he says humbly.