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Chiara's daily job is...?

20 April 2009 at 13:50 CEST


In an interview to given in Belgium, she revealed some interesting facts about her life. Namely, did you know she works as a secretary? "It's a very small island, only half a million people. So unfortunately, most of us, singers, have to do a normal job," she said. "And my normal job is a secretary. Yes, the full thing with the glasses and everything!"

"I think in the end it does not make such a difference," Chiara talked about promotional tours around Europe. She does, however, believe some promotion is necessary. "The most important promotion part is Internet," she was sure.

Talking about her competition, she told us: "The one from Norway reminds me of Harry Potter!"

Watch what more she told us in the video below. She'll tell what she's afraid on the stage, some things about her dress and much more!


Chiara will perform in the first Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on the 12th of May in Moscow.