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Chiara: “I dried out completely”

09 May 2009 at 20:48 CEST

The smoke used on stage has a dry effect on the artists exposed to it. For Malta, Chiara experienced this first-hand on Friday's rehearsal. On her first try in the arena in Moscow, she took it easy, and her vocal performance was judged to be inadequate by several attending journalists. For the second rehearsal, the performer decided to stay more focused.

“I was more focused because of the smoke,” she tells “I didn't really know where go go with it. At one point the smoke went right into my mouth and I dried out completely. The wind made it whirl up, so that it didn't stay where it was supposed to be.”

In the actual broadcast, the aim is to keep the smoke on the floor. If it doesn't, the Maltese will move or even remove it.

“It's not the most important part of the performance,” Chiara comments.

Chiara wore a blue and yellow dress on Friday's rehearsal, but she hasn't used the actual stage dress yet. This will be revealed on the first dress rehearsal.

Chiara is the most experienced artist of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. This is her third attempt in the contest, with a third place in 1998 and a second position in 2005. At the same time, this is the third time the singer talks extensively with for the 2009 show.

With all your Eurovision Song Contest experience, what do you think of this years organization and everything around the contest?

“I'm loving it this year, maybe because it's my third time and I know exactly what do to. The stage and the backstage areas are amazing.”