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Chiara: How can you not like Webber?

26 February 2009 at 11:17 CET

She revealed she's never taken any singing lessons and doesn't 'warm up' her voice at all. "I sing what's given to me by God," she described. Chiara told she loves singing ballades because they suite her voice the most .

Who are her favorites this year? "Who doesn't like Andrew Lloyd Webber?" she asked and added she also loves the Greek entry by Sakis Rouvas, as well as the Turkish song by Hadise. 

In the interview, given in Antwerp, Belgium, she also performed her entry this time - What If We - and revealed even more secrets. Will she say anything about her dress for Moscow? Find out below!


Chiara has represented the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta two times before, in 1998 with The One That I Love and in 2005 with Angel, both giving her a top three placing. 

She'll be fighting for a chance to get to the Final of Europe's favorite TV-show in the First Semi-Final on the 12th of May in Moscow.