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How are the songs from Eurovision 2017 faring in the charts?

23 May 2017 at 19:00 CEST
Salvador Sobral - Amar Pelos Dois (Portugal 2017) Andres Putting
Many of the songs performed in Kyiv have reached their national charts, with several of them becoming big hits and topping their own singles chart, and some even making it to the international music lists.

Some of this year's songs were already hits at home before they came to Kyiv. Francesco Gabbani's Occidentalis Karma was one example, which had already been certified 4 times platinum in Italy prior to the Eurovision Song Contest.

After the contest This Is Love by Demy was at #3 in Greece, France's Alma is currently at #5 in the French singles chart with Requiem and Manel Navarro's Do It For Your Lover peaked at #8 in the official singles chart in Spain in the week after the contest, and it's still at number one in the Physical Singles chart.

The compilation album

Since 2000 an official compilation CD album with all the songs from the contest has been released, nowadays it is also available to buy, download and stream. If we check the iTunes international compilation charts, this year's album has peaked at #1 in a total of 11 markets, and has reached the Top 5 in a total of 23 countries and the Top 10 in 34.

Besides these strong results from iTunes it's worth mentioning that the Top 4 placed songs Amar Pelos Dois, Beautiful Mess, Hey Mamma and City Lights, have entered the Spotify Top 50 chart in 15 European countries, meaning the younger generation (13 – 23) are not only watching the shows but also enjoying the music. Many of the songs have been especially successful in Spotify's Viral Global Top 50 (Amar Pelos Dois is currently at #1).

The Top 5 songs

If we focus on the songs placed inside the Top 5 in the Grand Final ranking, they have charted in several territories.

Portugal won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time, and of course Amar Pelos Dois became a big success at home, but also charted in most of the European charts translating into a Top 15 entry at the Euro Digital Songs, hitting #13 this week.

Both Bulgaria and Moldova achieved their best result ever in the competition and their songs have been a big hit at home and also made the charts in several countries. Beautiful Mess charted in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, UK, Sweden and Switzerland. Hey Mamma reached even higher places in the same countries plus Germany.

Sweden reached the Top 5 for the 4th year in succession with Robin Bengtsson who had already managed a big hit with I Can't Go On in Sweden after winning Melodifestivalen, but this time it also made chart entries in airplay and download lists in Belgium, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and the UK.

Completing the Top 5 we find another Eurovision successful country in this decade, Belgium. Blanche and City Lights managed the biggest chart impact out of all the participants, excluding the winner, so far: it made the Top 40 in Finland (download), France, Germany, Iceland, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and UK (download) and of course it's a big national hit in Belgium.

The other finalists

Other finalists that were succesful in the international charts include the rest of the Top 10: Italy (even managing to peak at #10 in the Euro Digital Songs chart), Romania (charting in seven countries), Hungary (in three other countries), Australia (in two more countries) and Norway (in two other countries).

The non-qualifiers

Even some of the songs that didn't qualify from the Semi-Finals had a life in their national charts (Peak position): Iceland (1), Estonia (2), Latvia (6), F.Y.R. Macedonia (8), Finland (10), Slovenia (12) and Switzerland (37).

The downloads