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Channel One warns for fake ticket websites

20 February 2009 at 11:43 CET

The tickets for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest shows have not yet been produced and are not for sale yet. At the same time many websites, some of which claim to be "the Contest’s official website” have already suggested their users to book and buy the tickets. Channel One Russia warns all the Eurovision Song Contest fans that at the moment it is impossible either to book or to purchase the tickets for Europe’s favorite TV-shows, and all the offers to buy tickets are fake. 

You will find the information about the ticket sales for the ‘shows in early March on Channel One Russia’s website, Olimpiyski’s website, as well right here on

On these websites you’ll find the telephone numbers of the official call-center, whose personnel will answer all the questions concerning the booking and purchasing of the tickets (including purchasing tickets outside Russia). The call-center will provide services in Russian and English.

There will be no chance to get admission to the Olympiyski Arena with counterfeit tickets, even if they look exactly like the original tickets. For the first time, spectators will receive electronic tickets with several security features, including a hologram and a barcode containing information about the date, time, row and the seat number. The authenticity of the tickets will be checked by electronic testing devices at the entrance to Olimpiyski.  

Tickets for twelve shows

The Eurovision Song Contest 2009 program includes a total of twelve shows. Apart from two Semi-Finals and the Grand Final, the organizers give the audience an opportunity to see the Dress Rehearsals – there will be three Dress Rehearsals before each Semi-Final and the Grand Final.  All of them are fully-featured concerts with live sound, costumes and special effects. The difference is that they will not be broadcast by the participating countries 

The tickets for the Dress Rehearsals will be cheaper than for the Semi-Finals and the Grand Final - from approximately € 10 up to € 30. The cost of the tickets for the Semi-Finals (12th and 14th of May at 21.00 Central European Time) is from € 16 up to € 445. The cost of the tickets for the Final (16th of May, also at 21.00 Central European Time) is from € 22 to € 660. The schedule of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest participants’ Dress Rehearsals will be placed on Channel One Russia’s website ( and on the official Contest website ( The ticket sales start will be accompanied by a massive promotion campaign.