Changes to be made in Belgian selection

VRT announced today that even though their national selection for Europe's favourite TV-show, Eurosong has been quite popular in the country and the songs in the national charts, the entries have not done very well at the Eurovision Song Contest itself, reports.

Now they are in talks with numerous record companies and music professionals to decide which would be the best way to choose the Belgian representative. 

There are two extremes in this case - from a show with several artists and songs to an internal selection of the artist and the song. As soon as a decision is made, VRT will announce its results. Only one thing is sure by now - there will be changes.

Belgium finished seventeenth in 2008, the last time VRT was responsible for finding a representative for the country with The Ishtar's O Julissi. This year they finished also at the same spot in the first Semi-Final with Copycat's Copycat.

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