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Spain: In 'SloMo', we learn that 'solo existe una' Chanel!

13 May 2022 at 14:48 CEST
Spain's Chanel EBU / Corinne Cumming
'Siempre primera' and 'nunca secondary', it's 'la reina' de España – Chanel! She comes to Turin with a 'boom boom' and a 'zoom zoom' to represent Spain in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, with her song 'SloMo'.
Chanel performing SloMo, representing Spain in her second rehearsal EBU / Corinne Cumming

You need not be perplexed by our prose; simply seek out the lyrics of SloMo to soak in the very essence of the Spanish club banger. Every dance anthem of course needs its killer choreography. And as anyone who watched Spain’s pre-selection process, Benidorm Fest, can attest, SloMo has got it in spades. But she’s not resting on the laurels of that Benidorm Fest win. Rather, she’s been applying some tweaks to the performance, to elevate it even higher.

When we performed at Benidorm Fest, we had what was a perfect choreography, perfect vocals, perfect everything. But I think with art there are so many possibilities, and now we’ve chosen one of those possibilities. And I think now it’s perfect for Eurovision. And I’m so happy with the job that my team has done; the choreographer and the songwriters, all of my team. They are doing a very good job. The performance I think is crazy!

📺 Watch: Chanel – SloMo (Official Music Video)

The performance in question was conceived by globally acclaimed choreographer Kyle Hanagami. He’s worked with the likes of J-Lo, Ariana Grande, Blackpink and Justin Bieber. And now he’s mastered the moves for our very own Chanel. The opportunity to be choreographed by booked, busy and blessed choreographer to the stars Kyle, is on a scale that was not lost on Chanel.

When I met him, I knew who he was. And I think he’s the best choreographer in the world. So I was so excited. When I met him, I almost didn’t know how to say hello to him, because I was so nervous and so excited. I was trying to be cool! But it was so good to work with him. We learned the choreography in two or three hours. So quickly. And then we improved on it a little after that, and then I tried it while singing. It’s so difficult to do both, but he knows that. He did the choreography in the best way possible, so that I can sing and dance together at the same time. To work with him is amazing. And now I can say that he is one of my best friends.

Chanel, representing Spain, backstage at her second rehearsal EBU / Andres Putting

Given the fact that Kyle Hanagami is involved in the production, and with the whole 'representing Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest’ thing, it’s easy to forget that SloMo is actually Chanel’s debut single. Needless to say, however, that it’s gone down well enough for there to be a follow-up on the horizon. And quite soon, too, according to Chanel…

I was recently in the US, in Miami and in LA, with Leroy Sanchez, and I was doing more music with more people. I have more music coming soon. It’s coming!

Part of what has made SloMo such a hit on streaming and in clubs, is its party-starter latino flair. It’s a sound that is therefore now synonymous with our budding recording artist. Chanel herself, feels that this is a fair assumption to make, but she’s also excited about exploring her sound further from here on in.

I was born in Cuba, I have the latin vibes in my blood, so of course it’s part of me. But this is my first song, and I think that I have a lot to share, and to learn about myself as an artist. I have always acted, I have always done a role and been another person. In Mamma Mia, I had one role, in The Lion King another role, but now it’s time to be myself. I have a lot of things to learn and to experiment with. But latin blood is in me, so I think that it will always be involved in whatever direction I take.

📺 Watch: Chanel – SloMo (Eurovision House Party)

While SloMo is indeed Chanel’s debut single, she’s practically a stalwart of the stage in general terms, having well over a decade of experience in musicals, theatre, television and even Telenovelas! All of it has contributed to the artist furthering her craft though, resulting in her being able to give the polished performance she promises is in store for us in Saturday night’s Grand Final.

I think that for us performers, every job that we get, it makes us more strong and more secure on stage. And for me, doing a TV series, I can feel comfortable with cameras, I can see how they work, and I can see people working behind the cameras. I can feel comfortable in that space. Then on stage, thanks to my work in musicals, I can feel comfortable with the sound and the in-ears. So yes, all experience is a big help.

To see Chanel perform SloMo for Spain at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, you can tune in to the Grand Final on Saturday 14 May. No need to take a video for later viewings in slo mo, mo, mo, mo, mo – we’ll be uploading the performance to our Official YouTube Channel right after she’s performed!

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