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Cezar - It's My Life (Romania 2013)
Cezar - It's My Life (Romania 2013)

Cezar reaches for the skies with his voice

The second Semi-Final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest really goes out on a high note, literally!. Cezar as always gives a very strong and confident performance vocally as he steps on the stage with a distinctively serious demeanour. However, backstage he seemed relaxed and raring to get on stage. 

The performance begins with him standring between the shards that are lowered from the rigging. The stage is red and blue with lighting bolts being projected on the rear screen of the stage, emphasising the extreme passion within the song It's My Life. 

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Cezar is wearing his very impressive and long blacked sequin cloak. As the song picks up, the shades of red become more pronounced and he is joined on stage by three acrobatic dancers. 

Towards the end of the song, the shards raise from the stage and so does Cezar onto a platform with the dancers waving a huge piece of red material to the front of him, making his performance very kinetic. 

Romania have certainly not spared any expense with the pyros with flames, fireworks and confetti lighting up the arena in a big finale. 

"Eurovision is a musical challenge for me"

Cezar entered the press conference room draped in a Romanian flagged and was asked about how he came to do Eurovision. He said it wasn't something he had considered as he is an opera singer but was sent a demo of It's My Life. 

He is a very emotional man who said that "sometimes when I sing I cry" when singing specific operas. He also said that he lives for the audience". 

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It isn't a great coincidence that Cezar is an opera singer. His father was an accomplished fluitist so classical music was always a part of his life when growing. 

Talking about the challenge he is faced with at the Eurovision Song Contest, Cezar said that it was a challenge for the songwriter Christian Faur and for Cezar himself. "It is unusual for a counter-tenor to be used in a song like this so it is a definite challenge" said Cezar. He also takes the competition very seriously.