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Cezar - It's My Life (Romania 2013)
Cezar - It's My Life (Romania 2013)

Cezar: Eurovision has its perfume just as it is The countdown for the Eurovision 2014 is already on. Nevertheless, we all still evoke great memories from Sweden. Do you miss it? What are your impressions about this event, now that the whole craziness has gone?

Cezar: It was one of the most amazing experiences in my life! It seemed like a whole small universe gathered in Malmö for a couple of weeks. Everybody talked about Eurovision, everyone felt its vibe, ate and breathed Eurovision. Are there any memorable moments during the contest, anything that you will remember for the rest of your life?

Cezar: Everything we lived there was worth remembering. From the very professional technical teams to the hospitable people in Sweden, from the overwhelming atmosphere at the Arena to the friendly parties I’ve been to...

You finished 13th, are you disappointed because of that? Did you expect bigger support from the viewers across Europe?

I believe I had the support of the viewers across the whole of Europe. Of course, it’s only natural to wish as good a place as possible, but 13th out of 39 is not bad. I had great competitors, after all. Besides, it’s a musical contest, not a life and death war, people should have fun and be happy just being there.

If you had a chance to change your performance in Malmö, what it would be?

I wouldn’t. The sound was fine, the team of dancers and the backing vocals were all in harmony. I think we did all we could on the stage.

Let’s try with one tricky question. Except for your own song, are there any other Eurovision entries from this year that you liked and that you´re still listening to, maybe even singing in contratenor version?

Ha-ha! I didn’t try to sing any of the Eurovision songs in countertenor version, but I might try some. There were many songs that I liked; Farid Mammadov’s Hold Me, Margaret Berger’s I Feed You My Love, Aliona Moon’s O mie, Bonnie Tyler’s Believe In Me, Emmelie de Forest’s Only Teardrops of course, and many, many others...

Performing on Eurovision stage is certainly different from the experiences you have had in other arenas and venues. Did you miss an Orchestra? Would you like to see it back at Eurovision Song Contest?

Eurovision has it’s perfume just as it is. Sure, an orchestra could be useful for many songs, but on the other hand, it depends on the rhythm. I think that you can have a well done performance with an orchestra, but with the instrumental backing your song as well. Whatever makes your performance great, then it is perfect.

Is there anyone among Romanian artists that you would like to see representing your country next year? Now you have some Eurovision experience. Any thoughts, suggestions and ideas?

We have many talented artists here in Romania and I believe that whoever goes to Denmark, with a good song, should only try to concentrate on what he or she has to do there. Besides that, to have as much fun as possible, to meet all kind of interesting people, and explore the host country.

As you like and tend to cooperate with creative and talented people, did you have any contacts and talks with some of the artists in Malmö that you would like to perform with or to work on some project?

As you know, my style is quite different from the other Eurovision artists and I already had some important immediate projects after coming back from Malmö. But in music everything is possible, so I wouldn’t say a ‘No’ to featuring with any of the Eurovision artists. Besides, now with the modern technology, it’s easy to keep contact with each other and remember I was parachuted into Eurovision right after a Facebook message.

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Do you still think that opera belongs in the Eurovision Song Contest and that it should be part of it?

Any style can fit in the Eurovision Song Contest. It depends on how it is highlighted. I’m not saying, though, that Eurovision should become an opera contest, there are some important and renowned competitions of that kind.

Would you take part again?