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CEO of SVT: "Europe needs to Come Together"

Paul Jordan
Paul Jordan
Posted 25 January, 2016, 18:01

Swedish broadcaster SVT has released the visual identity and slogan for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, Come Together. Speaking at the launch, Hanna Stjärne, CEO of SVT, reflected upon the importance of Europe coming together through music in May. 

The Eurovision Song Contest has had an official generic logo since 2004. Nevertheless, the EBU also encourages the Host Broadcaster to develop theme artwork that is specific to the event for that year.
During the Semi-Final Allocation Draw, held earlier today in Stockholm, Martin Österdahl, Executive Producer of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest explained that the message of unity was one of the reasons behind the choice this year: "We believe that the idea of unity is as important today as it was in the 1950s when the Eurovision Song Contest started. The Eurovision Song Contest is never about borders, politics or ideologies. It is about reaching across all the boundaries that separates us human beings from each other".
The theme artwork for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest
The theme artwork for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest
The theme artwork, inspired by the dandelion, symbolises the power of resistance and resilience but also of regeneration – when the seeds fly away from the dandelion new life is created where they touch down. Martin Österdahl added: "We aim to create an unforgettable show when Europe comes together here in Stockholm and in your living rooms at home".
Last year in Vienna, Austrian Host Broadcaster ORF opted for Building Bridges and in 2013, when Sweden last hosted the Eurovision Song Contest, the slogan was We Are One. What do you think of the choice for 2016? Let us know!
Paul Jordan
Paul Jordan
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