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Celebrating Girl Power in Eurovision!

20 August 2016 at 19:00 CEST
Serebro represented Russia in 2007 Vasilchikov VV, Fadeev, MA
Twenty years ago the Spice Girls were catapulted onto the world stage with the release of their debut single, Wannabe. With their empowering mantra Girl Power, the group had a significant impact on popular culture, including the Eurovision Song Contest. Today we take a look back at some memorable girl groups that have participated in the contest over the years. 

Girl power has a natural home in the Eurovision Song Contest, more than half of all the winners have been female solo artists. Girl groups have fared less well however, with only one, Bobbysocks, taking the trophy for Norway in 1985. 

The influence of the Spice Girls can arguably seen in both the Croatian and Dutch entries in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997, when the British girl band were flying high. Croatia's participants, ENI, appeared to model their entire look on the Spice Girls whilst Mrs Einstein representing the Netherlands proudly declared in interviews that they were the mothers of the Spice Girls!

The most successful girl group in recent years comes from Russia. The Buranovskiye Babushki, often referred to as the Russian Grannies, are the oldest contestants ever to have performed at the Eurovision Song Contest with a combined age of more than 500. Their song Party For Everybody finished second in 2012 showing that when it comes to girl power, age is just a number.