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Celebrate summer with these Eurovision hits

21 June 2018 at 17:15 CEST
Jury show of the Grand final of the 2018 eurovision song contest Andres Putting
"Ah yeah, ah yeah, fuego!" The winter is gone, so it is time to celebrate the hottest season of the year. Except for our dear friends in Australia who are getting cozy by the fireplace. But no worries, these Eurovision songs will warm you up in no time!

Over 1500 songs have been performed on the Eurovision stage over the past 63 years. We have picked some of the hottest tunes to spice up your summer. If you think we are missing a song, please leave your suggestion in the comments section!

Breaking the ice

To get you into the summer mood we need to break the ice, like Agnete did for Norway in 2016. According to Agnete, Icebreaker is a song written about being there for someone who is struggling: "It is one of the most honest and most personal things I've ever written, dedicated to my friend and our long-lasting friendship." The song's vibe was inspired by the cold blue and vivid colours that characterize the Norwegian winter months.

From winter to summer (storms)

Once the ice is broken, temperatures will rise and can even cause summer storms or rain! In 2014, Spain sent Ruth Lorenzo to Copenhagen with the song Dancing In The Rain. In that year we asked Ruth about the meaning of her song: "About the time I wrote the song, everything was going wrong with me and I thought nothing else could go wrong. I was living in London at that time, so I went out on the streets and it started to rain, so I thought, ok... even if it rains we have to go on, smile, dance as if nothing happens."

The Sunlight comes out when clouds fade away

Ireland's Nicky Byrne had the honour of representing his country in 2016 with the song Sunlight: "Sunlight is essentially a love song and its message is one of positivity. Tomorrow is a new day, and the sunlight shining on your face at the start of any new day should make you smile, be fresh and begin again."


And when the sun is out, things really heat up, as we have seen in Eleni Foureira's performance in Lisbon, Portugal a few weeks ago. Her song Fuego ended up in second place in the Grand Final with a burning 436 points and has everyone dancing this summer. 

What is your favourite Eurovision summer song? Let us know in the comments!