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Catch me, if you can!

10 May 2014 at 01:08 CEST

This year’s contestants Dilara, TWIN TWIN and Emma had a chance to hold a dreamed and desired Eurovision Song Contest trophy.  

The Eurovision trophy race happened in the backstage area just hours before the Jury Final. After a quick warm-up session, TWIN TWIN, Dilara and Emma were in ready-steady-go mode. Emma from Italy has chosen comfy sneakers for the race, whereas Dilara opt for her favourite high heel shoes. But two contestants started to cheat from the very beginning of their race. They kicked out of the track guys from TWIN TWIN and jumped to ride on them.

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After few serious accidents, injuries, and fights and a lot of fun during the race and on the finish line, even a photo finish technology could not help to find out who's a fair winner.

Cheeky TWIN TWIN even tried to steal the trophy and run out of the arena, but Dilara didn't let it happen. In the end a small copy of the Eurovision trophy was presented to each of lucky participants. Emma, TWIN TWIN and Dilara still got a chance to compete for the real Eurovision Song Contest trophy on Saturday night.