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Cascada: "I will go to bed particularly early"

17 May 2013 at 20:23 CEST

In the beginning of the press conference, Cascada told how her dress rehearsal went. "I went really well. Nothing happened at all. I felt even better than during the second rehearsal."

Natalie was asked about her plans for tonight and tomorrow. "Tonight, I will go to bed particularly early, and maybe will have a cup of tea. Tomorrow will look same as today. And I will feel like other contestants, extremely nerves."

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The host asked Cascada about her favourite songs in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. "I love Sweden, Moldova Norway, and Finland. I like all of them," the German singer said.

One journalist asked Natalie’s opinion about the Balkan countries and why Natalie sings many of them didn’t qualify. "Of course, it’s always a shame when people don’t qualify. But I don’t think people didn’t love them at all. Here is a lot of luck involved."

Another question was about how the Eurovision Song Contest will change Natalie’s life. The artist said: "I don’t think it will change my career very much but it will change my personal level. It will be a kind of experience for me and a lovely memory."

A Russian journalist asked Cascada how she handles with accusation. Natalie said that it’s always difficult if the singer is criticized. And she learnt to handle with it slightly. She doesn’t read everything that is written about her in the press.

Cascada was asked about her opinion about Bonnie Tyler. "I am a big fan of Bonnie Tyler. She is so natural, lovely and talented. She is literally a legend," Natalie said.