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Cascada: "Glorious tells you to enjoy your life"

04 May 2013 at 21:04 CEST

Natalie Horler, the lead singer of Cascada, lives in Bonn. Our colleagues from met her just nearby, in the city of Cologne, together with her fellow band member Yann Peifer. 

Watch the video feature below and find out how Natalie feels on stage prepares for Malmö, and what kind of stage act you can expect. In the video, she also performs a part of Glorious, accompanied by Yann Peifer, and she shows how she creates her stage costumes.

Wanna find out yet more about Natalie? In the written interview below by, you'll find all your questions answered:

Were you interested in the Eurovision Song Contest before you took part in the national final? Do you happen to be familiar with it from your childhood?

Natalie Horler: To be honest, I didn't follow the contest as intensively as in the past few years. One has always been aware of it and I have memories of watching it, but I think since Lena's participation in 2010, the ESC has become more modern and alluring.

When was the moment you realized that you were going to represent Germany in the Final in Malmö and perform in front of more than 100 million people?

Natalie Horler: The moment I realized it wasn't until I came home and all the excitement had calmed down. I don't think I'll really understand the situation I’m in until I'm actually in Sweden, standing on the stage for the first rehearsal.

How were you after the national final? Did you get a chance to celebrate?

Natalie Horler: No, unfortunately not. After the final we drove through the night straight to Cologne, where we performed on a morning TV show and from there we drove straight on to Denmark. Things have settled down somewhat now, but I won't completely relax until the ESC itself is over. It's just too important.

You are very successful in Europe. Which dimension does the participation in the final in Malmö have for you? Are you less nervous having been "around the block" when it comes to show business or does the thought give you stage fright?

Natalie Horler: I'm always nervous, I'm afraid, no matter how many gigs I've done! This can be an advantage or a disadvantage - I personally don't enjoy the feeling of nervousness, but the adrenalin does make you concentrate. Just the thought of standing on that huge stage and knowing that 140 million people are watching you makes me feel slightly fluttery.

How do you rate your chances in Malmö? Do you believe your chances are better than the chances of a newcomer, because of being so well known abroad already?

Natalie Horler: No, I don't think our chances are better than a newcomer's chances. That's fairly obvious if you take a look at the contest over the past few years. I'd like to keep a clear head about it all and not think about the rankings. That only drives you crazy. I think everyone has the same chances and the only thing you can do is do your best and hope everything runs smoothly and people like it.

Do you know any other participants from abroad? Who is your favourite?

Natalie Horler: I know only a few from the internet, but I don't have a favourite yet. I think Margaret Berger is quite cool.

How do you prepare for the big show in Malmö? Can we expect the same performance and a similar outfit or do you want to do something completely different than in the national final?

Natalie Horler: We are thinking about the show and how we want to present ourselves, but nothing is settled yet. The performance will probably not be terribly different to the final, but the outfit will be. I'd find it less exciting to wear the same thing as everyone has already seen the costume from the final. I always like to try something new.

What's happening in the time to come? Are you constantly on a promo tour across Europe?

Natalie Horler: Generally we are on tour somewhere all the time anyway, doing gigs - now promo dates will just be added to that. It's going to be a stressful time, but definitely an exciting time, too.

In your presentational video you were diligently learning Swedish. Will you be able to improve you language abilities till May?

Natalie Horler: I will try, but I won't promise anything! I always like learning at least a few words when travelling to a foreign country, especially when I'm going to be spending some time there. Swedish is certainly no easy language.

Tell us what the song Glorious is about!

Natalie Horler: Glorious is a song about freedom and lightheartedness and which tells you to enjoy your life.

You've been on tour for nearly 10 years now. Which countries have you travelled to as an artist?

Natalie Horler: I'm not sure I can gather up the countries I've toured … but I'll try: USA, UK, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Trinidad and Tobago, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Latvia, Malta, Monaco, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary, Japan, Canada, The Maldives, Morocco ….. and Germany. I think that's been it up till now!

You've even been in the top 10 of the billboard charts in the States. Did you tour there as well? How was it?

Natalie Horler: Yes, we travelled there on tour for many years and it was a very defining time. It was amazing and we experienced so much. I hope we will perform again there soon.

We thank for interviewing Natalie Horler, and we wish Cascada the best of luck in the Final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, to be held on May 18th in Malmö!