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Cascada: Glorious and glamorous

“I feel great and excited, but also nervous”, Natalie told us in the backstage, some minutes before rehearsing on the Eurovision stage for the first time. “I like Malmö, it’s a wonderful city and I am enjoying my time here”, she added.

Even that she looked relaxed while sharing her first impressions about Eurovision Song Contest with us, Cascada's lead singer admitted that she is nervous. “Oh, sure I am nervous, did you see the stage?” Natalie replied.

Cascada is definitely one of the most successful euro dance bands in the last decade, selling more then five million albums and having 15 million digital downloads. Their dance pop hits like Everytime We Touch, What Hurts The Most and Evacuate The Dancefloor peaked within top five in many countries. So why taking part at Eurovision, we asked. “Why not? This event is huge. We maybe achieved a lot, but this is different”, Natalie responded.

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The performance that millions of viewers can expect in the Finals on 18th of May is quite similar to what we have seen in the German national selection in Hannover. However more glamorous and glorious. British-German dance pop singer from Bonn is also wearing a stunning champagne beige glittered dress this time, design by Katja Convents.

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On the stage while performing her song Glorious, Natalie is standing on the glass staircase, but only at the beginning. As those dance beats are getting stronger, she goes for a catwalk, followed by waterfall pyros.

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