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Can you feel the Irish Heartbeat?

30 April 2014 at 14:50 CEST

Kasey Smith and Can-Linn were all wearing their stage outfits by the time that we caught up with the artists backstage.

Kasey is wearing a long gold and light brown dress, with a long train. It is designed by Kathy De Stafford, with a neckpiece designed by Oliver Doherty Duncan, and reflects the 'Warrior Princess' image that they want to portray in the song,  The two backing  male dancers are dressed all in black,leather with kilts. The backing vocalists are in elegant long black dresses, trimmed in gold. A female violinist  (Denice Doyle) completes the ensemble, and Denice kindly demonstrated us her skill by playing Heartbeat live for the team. 

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Hard work and fun too

Kasey has been vocally rehearsing almost every day since winning the right to represent Ireland, and knows the song inside out, and also with rehearsing with her colleagues in Can-Linn so she is more and more confident and relaxed in her stage performance. They have been rehearsing in some areas with large floorspace, and will be using a gym here in Denmark to also rehearse in, Kasey was really looking forward to finally being able to rehearse on the Eurovision stage itself, which she had heard was amazing.

It won't all be hard work though, as Kasey and the rest of the Irish delegation plan to have some fun in the amusement park in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen during their spare time here.

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Irish waves

The team got their own graphic designers in for the backgrounds that you will see on the giant cube and on the large screen that goes across the back of the arena. The latter shows stormy skies and huge waves, which transform into green waves with an organge sky, and is reminiscent of the colours in the Irish flag. The images in the cube, have a celtic circular almost clockwork look to them, 

Although the train of her dress had to be carried by a colleague as Kasey made her way backstage, she has no problems at all striding across the stage once she is performing.

The two male dancers make their entrance  from the diametric corners of the stage, and in order to preserve their dignity they wear black shorts under their kilts.