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Can Sabina Babayeva make it an Azerbaijan double victory?

25 May 2012 at 16:05 CEST

Recognition for the non qualifiers

At the press conference of Azerbaijan, the flags of the 16 nations who did not qualify to the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest this year were displayed on the table.

Sabina Babayeva had a message for these participants saying "They are all really great talented artists and singers, I want to thank them from all my heart, and say that the contest in Baku would not have been as amazing as it was without them, and thankyou to them all for taking part."

A journalist asked Sabina how she managed to keep her vocal in such great shape, to which she responded "I'll tell you a few things about that, I don't smoke, that's a good start, I don't drink alcohol, I don't like ice cream, these are things that a singer shouldn't use. No other secrets besides this."

Meeting with Engelbert Humperdinck

About the stage show for When The Music Dies, Sabina said "The first time when we talked about the performance, it sounded a great concept, but when we saw it it was even more amazing, it helped me to tell the complete story. I like it very much and am satisfied with how it all looks."

When asked about how Sabina felt that Armenia had withdrawn from the competition, she answered "Actually, what I really think is that Eurovision is all about music, it's one of the most popular and greatest song contests. Of course, we're a little disappointed when some countries can't participate but It's not about politics." 

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Sabina had the chance to meet Engelbert Humperdinck, the entrant from the United Kingdom. She said of him " I love his songs actually. It would be a great idea to have a duet, I would be delighted to do that. Thanks for him for being on stage with us younger singers. I like his attitude, he is proud to be taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest, and this is really great to see."

Afrikaans version of When The Music Dies

On the feeling of representing her homeland, Sabina proudly said "I'm very honoured to represent my motherland, especially when we are hosting Eurovision. I'm so happy that this year, people are coming to my city Baku."

The press conference was rounded off by South Africa's Roy Van Der Merwe handing Sabina a CD of the Afrikaans version of When The Music Dies, which had just been recorded by South African artist Cole Van Dais prior to the Eurovision Song Contest.