Can anyone stop Lundberg in Finland?

As the Finnish broadcaster YLE announced some months ago, twelve directly invited artists will take part in the Finnish national selection Euroviisut 2010. The first one would be the winner of the popular tango contest Tangomarkkinat, the other eleven will be announced in September and three more participants will be selected in an online contest held in October.

So, after winning Tangomarkkinat, Amadeus Lundberg became the first official participant in Euroviisut. His song, has not yet been chosen, though. However, he has become immensely popular in Finland, having more gigs than the previous record holder, Jari Sillanpää after his victory at the same contest. 

The question now is, according to fans, can anyone stop Lundberg from winning Euroviisut? Time and the choices of YLE and the Finnish people will tell soon enough! 

The 2010 edition of Euroviisut will take place in January next year, featuring three semi-finals before the final, held on the 30th of January.

Finland qualified for the Final of Europe's favourite TV-show in Moscow but finished last with Waldo's People and their song Lose Control.

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