Butterfly wings on glittering dresses for Belarus

The Belarusian band 3+2 contains three female singers and two male ones, hence the name 3+2. Also on stage was a white piano, which will be played by the Swedish  musician Robert Wells in the First Semi-Final, that's why the name of the act representing Belarus in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest has been officially changed to "3+2 feat. Robert Wells". In today's rehearsal, however, the famous pianist was replaced by an extra.

The female part of the group was wearing glittering long dresses in gold, silver and copper colours, respectively, while the male singers wore black suits. The stage was set in dark colours with no background lights and just spotlights on the singers. During the last performance, the female singers opened a ribbon attached to their dresses, which made huge butterfly wings appear behind them. Smoke effects were also tried out in the later runs of the rehearsal. Towards the end of the stage act, butterfly-shaped confetti were falling onto the stage. The whole act was very convincing and vocally strong.


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In the press conference, the singers of 3 + 2 explained that, even though their band was created as a result of the talent show New Voices of Belarus, they were close friends who had been together for many years already. They described their entry Butterflies as an optimistic song, which was made especially for people who were looking forward to a better life, just like butterflies.

A journalist asked why, initially, a different song had been selected to represent Belarus in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest and why there had been a last minute change of decision. The team explained that the previously chosen entry, Far Away, written by Leonid Shirin had been an up-tempo song, but as all singers had a classical musical education, they were looking for a song which would allow them to better show their vocal abilities. Nevertheless, Far Away will be the second track on their first album.

3 + 2 also presented an accappella version of Butterflies to the press, and they showed a special promotional gadget which has been prepared for the Eurovision Song Contest: a cuddly toy in the shape of a butterfly which can sing the Belarusian entry!

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The Belarusian representatives in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, the band 3+2, consists of Alena Karpovich, Ninel Karpovitch, Artsem Mikhalenka, Yehiazar Farashan and Yuliya Shyshko. Alena and Ninel are twin sisters and are members of the main state orchestra of Belarus, where they work to date. Artem Mikhalenka considers the show New Voices of Belarus to be a significant stage in his creative development when he became a finalist of the TV event. Yehiazar Farashan has participated in and has won numerous contests. Yuliya Shyshko also took part in the New Voices Of Belarus contest and was one of the finalists there as well. At the turn of 2009 all 5 artists were invited to the TV project Musical Court, during which the 3+2 band was formed. 

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