Bulgarians have yet another quarter-final

Again 5 songs competed and two of them were qualified via a televote and one by the jury.

The competing songs were this time:

  • Annayah - As Te Chakam
  • Georgi Varbanov - Europe Is My Home
  • Lazar Kisyov - You're Not Alone
  • Antoniya Markova - Don't Leave By The Day
  • Mario Denev . Lipsvash Mi Tatko

The viewers decided to support Annayah's song with 36,99% and Antoniya Markova's entry with 35,84% passing them to the next round of heats. The jury decided to give their vote to Lazar Kisov's song.

Next Thursday the Bulgarian selection goes on with a new competition among the winners of the previous three sets of quarter-finals. The victorious ones will pass on to the semi-finals.

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