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Bulgarian semi-final next Saturday. Final announced.

There will be 22 acts singing for a place in the final which is now confirmed by the Bulgarian broadcaster BTN to take place of the leap day of 2012, the 29th of February.

The semi-final show will be in what BNT calls "Burlesque style" with more than 600 bulbs to illuminate the space to give the chance to the audience to enjoy the unusual and impressive stage performances. The special guests of the show will be the “Gravity Co.” Pop Group the “Strings” Quartet and the "Diva” Ballet Group.

The presenters of the final will be the same as in the semi-final, Alexander and Milenita (pictured below).

Ten of the twelve finalists will be decided by the votes of the "Academy" Jury and SMS-voting on a 50/50 basis. The number one act ranked by this "Academy" and the winner of the SMS-vote go straight to the final.

The order of appearance will be as follows:

  1. Chance For Better Life - Group "New 5"
  2. Vyara (Faith) - Vyara Pantalyeva
  3. Finalna Lyubov (Final Love) - Sonya Ivanova
  4. You Are My Angel - Monika Kirovska
  5. Proshka (Forgiveness) - Margarita Hranova
  6. Shut Your Mouth And Do It - Sunnie
  7. Love Goes Around - Tsvetelin Atasanov-Elvisa feat.DZ
  8. Putyat (The Road) - Steliyana Hristova
  9. Novo Nebe (New Sky) - Viktoriya Dimitrova
  10. Without You - Teni Omede
  11. Dream - Alex & 4Give
  12. Still Love You - Todor Gadzhalov
  13. Love Is Alive - Dess
  14. This Is My Green Wave - Georgi Vurbanov
  15. Prosto Lyubov (Love Unlimited) - Sofi Marinova
  16. Dream - Group "Better Than Grey"
  17. Keep Me Down - Svetozar Hristov
  18. Alone - Rene Ranev
  19. You Are The World - Group "Bee In The Bonnet"
  20. Eternal - Simona Sivanio
  21. Searching For The Words - Ivailo Kolev feat. Hipnotik
  22. The Way You See The World - Group "Go Week"

Bulgaria, which debuted in 2005, nearly made the Final in Düsseldorf last year when Poli Genova's Na Inat placed 12th in the 2nd Semi-Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. In 2007 they managed their best placing to date, 5th.

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