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Bulgarian DJs to conquer Europe

14 May 2008 at 17:16 CEST

On stage, Deep Zone & Balthazar use two burning turntables and have also added a breakdancer and a guitar-player into their act. The lead singer Joanna was wearing her final clothes already, a sexy, voluptuous dress in red reminding of Moulin Rouge which merges well with the colourful LED screens in the back of the stage. Vocally, Joanna came across as very strong and she really seemed to enjoy being on stage in the Beogradska Arena. The DJs themselves use a vocoder to give their voices a futuristic sound. The whole rehearsal appeared to be problem-free and the performers seemed content with the result. 

Deep Zone Project was formed in 2000 by three musicians, DJ’s and studio engineers, who are recognised in Eastern Europe for their talent for song writing and making club anthems.Their massive hit DJ, Take Me Away has reached Number 2 Position at MTV Europe’s World Chart Express, and won the Bulgarian Eurovision 2008 song contest selection process. Joanna Dragneva,the lead vocal of Deep Zone, has been anchor of several shows at Bulgarian National Television (BNT). She was backing vocal of the Bulgarian pop stars Georgi Hristov, Nely Rangelova, Krum, and others. Balthazar started DJ'ing in 1998 and now he is known as one of the most respected and popular DJs and producers in Bulgaria. He has performed at every major club in his country as well as on many big raves and various radio and TV shows. His international gigs have taken him to nearly 20 European countries including England, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Malta and Cyprus.

In their press conference, Deep Zone & Balthazar revealed that they recorded 10 different version of their 2008 Eurovision Song Contest entry DJ, Take Me Away. They also said that they would have more surprises in their performance later. The group is planning an international release of their new album, but there would be no plans to release the song in Bulgarian.